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Vital statistics
Real Name Astralagi
Aliases Arcana, Akarta
Gender Male
Species Supernatural Humanoid (Formerly Human)
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Peace, Quite, Traquility, Order, Raven, Kiril, Aria
Dislikes Destruction, Chaos, War, Suffering, Most Humans
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Alternate Universe of his Creation
Relatives Kiril (Wife), Aria (Daughter)
Allies Titan's Scale, Teen Titans
Enemies Miasma Nightmare
Affiliations Titan's Scale, Teen Titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers Immense powers over creation within his own dimension. He also can control the elements Shadow, Light, Ice, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Stone, Metal, Lightning, Sound, Space, Time, Life, Death, Essence, and Fate. However these are only active within his dimension. On Earth he can only command the basic elements shadow through space. He can immitate the Titan's Scales powers and abilities He can summon the Titan's Scale through conjuring.
Weaknesses Being human his deity-like powers only work in his dimmension and even then they have limits. On Earth his Temperance for spells is weakened 1 billionfold. He is severly weak against Anti-Elemental attacks. Particularly agains Pure Darkness and Poison attacks. His conjuring of any attack on Earth takes time and drains him of Temperance
Equipment A Sacred Mantle to boost Temperance. A variable Conjuring Rod that can manipulate the elements. Ancient Runes
First Appearance Teen Titans: Souls Bond
"I am not of your world. I hope that is not a problem."

- Astralagi (To the Titans)

"You have caused much strife, in my world and theirs, I will not allow you to go unpunished!"

- Astralagi (To Miasma)

Early life

Astralagi was once an ordinary human born on Earth during a time of war. Wanting peace he created a movement against the warring nations. One of the nations perceaving him a threat attacked is peaceful movement and killed all but five of it's members. Saddened by mans lack of compassion and hating the world called Earth, the man called upon ancient magic an was spirited away to a new dimension.

Astralagi and Miasma

While in this other dimension, the man came to understand the universe. he gained immeasurable power, but despised his human side for it could not contemplate peace. With his power he split his darkness from his heart, giving up his humanity to gain the power of the cosmos. With that power of creation he was able to create his own universe, stars, planets, creatures, and he kept it all in balance as a deity, dawning the name Astralagi.

Astralagi was eventually confronted by his darkness which had grown by absorbing the Amalgamation of Darkness. The darkness attacked him with great power similar to his own, but Astralagi had one thing the darkness did not, the scale. In order to balance the flowing energies of his cosmos, Astralagi created 13 beings of elemental power to regulate the universe. These were known as the Titans Scale. They joined their creator and cast the darkness from Astralagi's dimension. but it was to powerful to be bound or destroyed asn it escaped to earth by tearing a hole between the dimensions, vowing to return. Wounded as Astralagi was, he could not allow a being of such hatred to attack another world. Astralagi followed him and so returned to Earth.