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Vital statistics
Real Name Ariana Vaine
Aliases Sheena, Rachel, Sapphire
Gender Female
Species Eos
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Exploring Meridian
Dislikes Negative emotions
Place of Origin Unnamed Universe
Residence Unnamed Universe
Relatives Astralagi(Father), Kiril(Mother)
Allies Titan's Scale, Parents, Teen Titans, Link, Grove, Leya, Aron
Enemies Miasma Nightmare, etc.
Affiliations Titan's Scale, Teen Titans, titans of the Sozen Arc
Powers & Abilities
Powers Creation (Within her own dimension and to a limit), Sight Sharing, Intangibility, Clarevoiance (to an extent), Levitation, Crystal Manipulation, Sappire Bolts, Appearance Alteration
Weaknesses Easily distracted, inexperienced fighter
Equipment gloves
First Appearance Yet to be Revealed
Aria, plese return at once, your mother has been worried sick."

Astralagi (to Aria)

"I can't father, the world has so many wonderous things to see."

Aria (to Astralagi)


Aria is the only child and daughter of Astralagi and Kiril. Her magic and abilities are yet complete though she possess great power. She is a Half-Human, Half Humanoid that Astralagi has called an Eos.

Details and Personality

Aria frequents the planet called Meridian to visit the Titans that helped raise her and to explore the wonder of that world. She has learned how to manipulate crystals as well as learning several of her mothers abilities. She runs free along the praries and through the forests in search of new and interesting things. She has just recently become a teenager and Astralagi has sent her to a past Earth to be trained and taught by the Teen Titans.


Even during her stay on Earth she remained wearing what she normaly wore. during her time as one of the Teen Titans of the Sozen arc she remained the most scantally clad of them all, though for some reason little was brought up on the subject. It matters not in anyway how anyone dresses in Astralagi's dimmension because perverted thoughts do not exist. however, compared to some of her other team mates she follows the laws and therefore uses as much clothing as needed.