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Vital statistics
Real Name Aron Boyle
Aliases Suzunami
Gender Male
Species Eos
Status alive
Alignment Good
Likes Boasting, sparring
Dislikes having to be patient
Place of Origin Earth, Meridian
Residence Meridian, unnamed dimension
Relatives unknown
Allies Aria, Link, Grove, Leya
Enemies Miasma etc. Link (Rival)
Affiliations Titans of the Sozen Arc
Powers & Abilities
Powers Powerful Swordsman, Water based Temperance, high stamina
Weaknesses electricity
Equipment Two swords, shoulder armor
First Appearance yet to be revealed


Aron tends to be a bit competitive. He often challenges Link to sparring matches to test their both of their abilities. These matches usually end when Grove steps in. Aron is a proud individual. He also is very loyal and would put his life on the line to save any one of his friends. Like Link and Grove he has a decent sense of humor.


Aron is one of only a few chosen Eos to be given the priveledge of wielding a weapon with a blade. One of the others is Link. Aron is a natural Swordsman and seems to add some of his techniques he learned as a Bowstaffsman to his sword techniques. Aron is also a master of the Bow staff and uses this skill much more often in the field of battle.