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SprJSA SprJSA 26 April 2021

A Return... Sort of

I doubt very much that anyone will ever see this post, but I feel like there must be some kind of record showing that this happened.

Last month, my roommates and I rediscovered and did dramatic readings of the entire Project-Verse. We laughed hard, cringed often, and questioned 14 year old me's logic as we attempted to decipher the illiterate ramblings and incoherent plots I helped craft. Despite not achieving what I'm sure my younger self wanted with these "characters" and "stories," I'm glad that someone, somehow, got some kind of enjoyment from my flights of fancy.

To Blank, Yina, Spectria, FireDrag, and anyone else who helped write in this endeavor: Thanks for the good times.


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DramaLlama27 DramaLlama27 9 November 2019

I'm new

I'm new and uh... is this wiki still active? It seems kinda dead.

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Teen Titans Forever! Teen Titans Forever! 10 August 2016

My new Teen Titans Season 6 fanfiction idea

I've decided to continue the fanfic I gave up on making but their will be some major changes to what I intially planned. I decided to scrap a lot of ideas I had but not all. Now the season will be written as 26 episodes. The first half will focus on Starfire, the second on Robin. My ideas about having the story include Slade and his family will still be in it but not the main focus like originally.

This story will act as my idea of how the final season for the Teen Titans show could have been made. It will include a new villian of my own creation but will include official characters from the show besides the main Titans as well. Plan to begin posting at the end of the week or the start of the next. Hope you will enjoy it.

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WildeChild WildeChild 21 February 2016

New account, old member

Hello old friends!

Okay, so you probably don't remember me because I used to be User:Spectria on here. But...and this is kind of embarrasing, I lost the password to that account. So now I am known as WildeChild :P

Anyway, I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me. I am really sorry about my absence, but my personal life and my school life got insane, and I couldn't find time to be active here. I missed this wiki, and my characters on here, so I am really happy to be back to RP with you all and to write for Spitfire, Rivera, Spirit, and etc.

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Teen Titans Forever! Teen Titans Forever! 19 February 2016

My Season 6!

I been thinking about making a TT: S6 fanfic for a while now but couldn't create a good story until I decided to make it a personal story about the Slade family and Starfire trying to connect to her sister Blackfire. It will be a emotional, tragic, and ultimately feel like a final season.

I'm going to start writing Chapter 1/Episode 1 tonight and hope to post it soon. Whose excited for my story and what are the best fanfictions here?

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Yina Yina 26 July 2015


First of all, I'd like to apologize for bein gone recently, first me and my mom had a long vacation and then my girlfriend came to visit so I was kinda preoccupied with hangin out with her and whatnot. BUT! I should be able to be around a little bit more until school starts back up, which isn't for another month.

Second of all, I'd like to welcome back the wonderful SprJSA! It's good to have ya back, I was starting to think you had left the wikia!

Hopefully we'll all be able to be more active and get some stuff accomplished!

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SprJSA SprJSA 8 July 2015

The WIki's Back Baby!

Ok first off a grand Welcome Back to Yina! I know I've missed Rocky and all your witty remarks. Secondly, I am so sorry about not posting, I have a summer job that requires a lot of my attention, so I have not been as active as I would like. Anyways, glad the Wiki's so active, and I'm super excited for future stories wih my best online friends


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Yina Yina 14 June 2015

New Policy REMINDER (Please Read!!!)

If you're wondering where a lot of images have gone, it's because I've deleted them. The latest policy update, if you are still unaware of it, states that art theft will not be tolerated, meaning if you didn't create the art or get permission to use it, it's been stolen, and therefore violates policy.

If I messed up and delted an image you made, I apologize. I cannot get it back, but if YOU made it, you likely have it on your computer somewhere, you'll just have to re-upload it.

This is the last reminder to everybody, now off to delete hundreds of images....

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Yina Yina 7 June 2015

Official new policy

Well, it's official.

Art theft will no longer be tolerated!

I'm gonna give everybody a week before this policy goes into effect, after that, I'm going to go back through pages and delete images that have been stolen (try to delete any images you have up that you did not make before that, though, I'd hate to accidently delete something that you made).

That being said, only images will be deleted. Old pages created by inactive users will stay up, the only things to be deleted are the images themselves.

And one more note, DreamSelfy is a really great doll maker, it has SO MUCH stuff on it, it's free, and you can make just about anything. It's got some cool magical/fantasy things on it, so it's great for the "super hero" type thing. I recomend Drea…

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Yina Yina 29 May 2015

New Policy...? (Maybe!)

Alright. I'm gonna be blunt here, this wikia is art theft central.

What is art theft? Well, it is the uncredited use of artwork by an artist without their permission. Basically meaning, you're using this artwork that someone made, didn't ask to use it, and didn't credit them either. Maybe you're not claiming it as yours, but you're still stealing it.

As an artist myself, I have gotten my artwork stolen in the past. People have re-colored it, traced over it, removed my watermark/signature in the artwork, or just blatently didn't credit me. It drives me up a wall when this happens, because most of the time, the person who stole it didn't MEAN to do any harm, but they did by stealing it.

So, I'm propising a new policy. Either you must have expli…

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RhjiandhelDhjenebra13 RhjiandhelDhjenebra13 17 May 2015

Hi Guys!

Hello friends! I hope it's okay to write a post about a scene in a fanfic series!

This article is about saying 'hi' to everyone and I want you to be my comrades, and about this hashtag: #theteentitansRobDenfirstfight, from The Teen Titans fanfiction Episode 2: Fever, where the first fight of Robin and Deneb (a fanfic character created by me) occured. I would love to know your comments about this particular topic below. I respect your answers and God bless! I would like to thank our admins and Titans Fans for making this wikia relive the Teen Titans! Thank you!!!

Please comment below! #theteentitansRobDenfirstfight

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Yina Yina 14 May 2015

Je suis arrivé


i'm back?? I think??

My god, I don't even know what happened. I apologize to all that had threads with me, I apologize for that sincearly. But I'm back now I think? This is the first time I've checked the wiki since I've been gone, and I must say, I'm impressed with the progress! We have many more users, and Blank, you're doing a great job of being admin!

Anyway, hello to new users that may not know me. I've had characters on this wiki since 2009 or 2010-ish, which was around the time of creation. I've seen most users come and go, and I myself have come and gone a couple of times! I look forward to getting to know those of you who are new, so please, feel free to shoot me a message some time!

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PandoraStar411 PandoraStar411 27 April 2015

I am BACK~

Hey guys.................. So, it may have seemed like I have abandoned my account but nope.

I just had high schooly things going on and decided to focus more on my grades than wikia and all but summer is coming up and i will have all the time to roleplay and other things :3

just a small warning: still havent had finals yet since that will be happening in last week of may but yeah, won't be able to reply as much on that week.

So.... who's a wikia user that is still here that I know of?! XD

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SprJSA SprJSA 28 March 2015

I'm Back

So a couple months ago, I kinda dissapeared. Sorry bout that, I had some personal issues to deal with but now I'm back and ready to restart anything that was put on hold! Please respond to this if you're still an active member.

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Spectria Spectria 7 February 2015


Um...hey guys.

It's me, Spectria, wondering who is still active around here. I know I personally haven't been active and I apologize for that. My inactivity is due to school and all the damn work I have to do. Anyway, like I said, I was just curious as to who was still hanging around here. If any of my old friends are still here, please message me or something so I know.

Also, if possible, I'd like to continue our plots with The Order and Belle Reve. Please?

Thanks guys!

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Theblank103 Theblank103 10 November 2014

Belle Reve Juvenile Detention

Home to the worst criminal minds under the age of eighteen. Each is too strong to be held in a normal prison. The conditions are bleak. The inmates powerful. Each is too evil to be left in the outside world. Belle Reve offers.... reshaping.

That's what the outside world believes. But truthfully its home to the experiments of Cadmus. Testing the powers of meta, gamma, cosmic, and other powered teens. Utilizing them to learn the secrets to gaining said powers, weaponizing said powers, and controlling said powers. 

This place is what lead to the future events of Rebellion verse.

Create your own OC. Make them as evil, kind, strange, powerful, uptight, naughty, ugly, strong, or weak as you want.

Belle Reve is not a place for heroes and those who tr…

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Dinosaur Puppies Dinosaur Puppies 1 October 2014

Sorry For Being Inactive!

Apparently, I am not around the wiki too often now, since it's like October and school's getting harder each day.  I am trying to get better grades and actually get the teachers to like me.  Getting teachers to like me is the hardest thing though (augh i wish it was easier).  Then my classmates are just... AUGH.  Not going to explain at all.  Just school is the main thing I should be focusing on; I will be on once in a while.  Do not think I won't check over the wiki or participate in editing or roleplays and stuff.  I will continue to do such things so it will seem like I never even went to school.  Anyways, that's all I had to state.  Toodles! ^-^

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Theblank103 Theblank103 15 September 2014


If you are not watching Rooster Teeth's RWBY already I encourage you to do so. The show is amazing! The first season is out and the second one is airing online now. All episodes are free on youtube so make sure to check it out below and leave comments as to your thoughts! Thanks, Your leader Blank!

Volume 0: This is an intro to the four main females. It shows you how they fight and the songs give a little about who they are. Make sure to watch first.

(Please note Quality gets better)

Volume 1: The first season! 

(Note that this is made like a movie. If you can't watch all in one setting its fine.)

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Theblank103 Theblank103 14 August 2014


I was able to get on a little bit while away from home but not enough. I'm now back and will be on a lot more. Project-verse can continue back to where we were and any rp I'm a part of can also keep trucking!

I'm sorry about how long I was gone. I know a lot of new people joined in that time and I'll try to straighten up the place if anything is out of wack. 

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Gizmotastic Gizmotastic 23 July 2014

Teen Titans Unite: New Ideas

I you have an Idea for my fan fiction, Teen Titans Unite, I would love to hear them. I've got a few ideas right now but I'd love to here what you guys think I should do. If you have an Idea just post it in the comments below. 

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PandoraStar411 PandoraStar411 8 June 2014

E.L.F. organization :)

Hello guys and I'd like to announce that I have made another organization. The E.L.F. organization! It is made up of many Fae species and any one is allowed to join~

if you are interested please contact me or leave a comment below this blog :)



For all of you who are in this group, please take a look at this message wall here. :D

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Theblank103 Theblank103 26 May 2014


So most of you know I work during the summer. Its a 24/7 job. I do get some weekends off so I won't be off totally. So Please do not edit anything in projectverse too much. Spr,Yina,FireDrag,Spectria,and soon to be Pandora. (Take that soon lightly. :P) 

Posting this so no one thinks I'm leaving for good. We have too many awesome stories and plots. Firedrag, Spectria. Work on what you think The Green Girls history with Gristol should  be. I know you two are the experts and i'm sure you will come up with something awesome. Zodiac is already slow so I guess we'll just continue as we have been. 

I'll be here till June 9'th but I should be on just about anytime. Never don't post something. It can get kinda boring just sitting alone at home. 

P.S. …

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PandoraStar411 PandoraStar411 24 May 2014

RPs and Groups

so yeah Im finally going to have my summer break (it starts the week after next week which will be the first week of June) and I want to be in on some rps and groups. so if there are groups I could join, that'd be awesome because i really love rping and yeah i dont do that much rping except with the Zodiac. >.<

but if im joining a team, I don't really care if it's hero or villain (I'd kind of choose villain though because I've always wanted to rp a villain group. ^-^) So yeah also, if one of my characters who isn't in a group could be in a group, please let me know cause I don't have to go through the trouble making a new character when I have like... loads XP

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PandoraStar411 PandoraStar411 19 May 2014

Inactivity Much?

Hi hi!

For those of you who want to know why i became less active (super sorry about that! >.

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Theblank103 Theblank103 8 May 2014

Additions to Earth-Project

I'm really enjoying coming up with new teams (Or editing mainstream teams) for Earth Project. 

My most recent was Batman INC. 

I'll soon be adding Team 7, Gen 13, and Wonderland Gang. 

If you have any ideas for other things that could be added to said universe just post in the comments below!

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Spectria Spectria 4 May 2014


So my dad just bought me Dishonored for the PS3, which I am very excited about. :D

I watched gameplay and it looks so cool. As you all know, my OC Spirit is from the game's world and it looks pretty cool while you play it. It definitely beats watching gameplay xD

Anyway, I will probably be playing it on and off but I will still get on the wiki to answer the RPs. Just though I'd post this so you all know where I probably am. Either I am playing the game or I am at school. Or I'm doing homework :P

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Yina Yina 2 May 2014


I'm terribly sorry for being gone so often, I've been super busy with school and doctors appointment and physical therapy and stuff, it's all very tiring and when I get home I don't exactly feel like getting on my computer, y'know? I'll try to be on more, maybe post something like as soon as I get home and stuff. Shrug.

Again, terribly sorry for lack of activity lately, I'll try to be better about it.

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Theminecraftkid1221 Theminecraftkid1221 25 April 2014

New ideas ...............Help

I'm having trouble coming up with new ideas every time I come up with one I'll be like "Nah that would only work in Teen titans go". Although lately i have been posting those ideas on Teen titans go fandom wiki. So if you have any suggestions I could really have a hand

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Spectria Spectria 19 April 2014

New Assassin Character

So recently, I have been thinking about creating an assassin OC. I really like FireDrag's character The Crow and I don't plan on copyin him, but I do want to make an assassin of my own and write my own story for her here.

So, getting to the point, I wanted your guys' input on this idea. I really want to do it, but I wanted to see what you guys though first. So all your thoughts and ideas for this is appreciated. Thank you.


EDIT - I need help creating an alias for my assassin. The picture I chose has a wolf in it, so maybe some related to a wolf could work. If you guys have any ideas, then please let me know. Thanks!

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Theblank103 Theblank103 1 April 2014

600'th edit

(Note:Not an April Fool's Joke.)

Just made my 600'th edit. It seems like yesterday I first noticed a spelling error on a page. I didn't know then that editing that one spelling error would lead me to create Lightning Lord. Or how his exestince would spark ideas in a group of amazing writers, designers, story makers, and dreamers. I didn't know I would meet people who would be so understanding and friendly. 

We've had struggles. But thats what this is for. A escape from those struggles. A world you control. And I'm proud to say I helped start something amazing!

I hope Earth-Project is just getting started.

Looking Ahead: Lightning Lord, Sen-El, and Rocky Road. I feel are the main heroes of the story. Not that anyone is less important. But these…

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Yina Yina 26 March 2014

I sure am one happy camper


I'm not gone

Getting to my computer has been really hard as of late

I'm still here, I just don't always have the time, alright

Don't assume I'm gone. Don't assume I'm dead. I'm still here and I'm still roleplaying and I'm still creating new characters.

I'm sorry. I know you're all annoyed with me and I know you all probably really hate me right now and I'm sorry, I'm annoyed with myself too.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I never wanted to become a bother to you guys, I never wanted to annoy anybody, I never wanted to make you guys upset, I'm sorry, I'm really, really sorry

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Theblank103 Theblank103 25 March 2014


A Sandbox is where you put unfinished heroes, villains, or storylines, that you just are not yet ready to use. This is done for Criticism, Review, and Approval. Sometimes its nice to look at something from a different point of view. I created a poll to see how you all feel. I'll also send you a link to mine here. Check it out and respond!

Your friend, Blank.

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StribogE17 StribogE17 25 March 2014

On Date

Well, I guess I missed quite a bit; and I apologize for that--but I got caught up in a few other things that I prioritized over the TTFF Wiki, so sadly I may have missed something important.

Nonetheless I am here, and I am (semi-) active; I'll try to get back to editing, but if you need to contact me for anything--hit me up on my page, I'll be able to get the message there. It may take a while to respond, but I am still up for RP's, separate stories, etc. Just hit me up at any time, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I have also explored the possibility of separate ARMOR-II or Patriots detachments, (similar to Project in a sense, an team-like RP) and also maybe, just maybe the story of Gristol and the Civil War it is in.

Sorry agai…

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Yina Yina 22 March 2014

Important day

Today is to be marked as the day I've stopped caring about trying to be nice or friendly

aka the day i turned into a cold bitch without any friends

don't talk to me


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Theblank103 Theblank103 20 March 2014

Front Page

I added Proect to the Front page replacing Teen Titans(2012) If anyone needs any changes done to navigation I'm kinda getting the hang of it! Again lets make 2014 a great year for this site!

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Yina Yina 19 March 2014


Remember when I said I was back

I lied

I'm sorry

Things came up and I couldn't quite access the internet so uh

Yeah! Think I'm back for good now! Maybe! Possibly! Who knows!

Also! Dislocating your knee and seizures aren't fun!

Lots of things aren't fun!


Edit: I'd like to apologize for being such a whiny bitch

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Theblank103 Theblank103 26 February 2014

New Story?

So while everyone is busy with their lives. I'm kinda getting bored. I was thinking about writing a story and posting it on here for ideas and criticizes.

The tagline is:

"Set in a present day world, The Government is wary of the amount of superheroes freely moving. For such reasons a secret division is formed to watch, locate, stop, and neutralize ALL meta/alien/super natural threats before they happen."

"Unlike Teen Titans this will delve more into the personal lives of the agents. Each character is different from the next with various pasts, life styles, beliefs, and appearances."

So what do you think? If you like/dislike or have any ideas please leave post. Please note this is not a Rp. But Ideas for any and all characters, whether new or …

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Yina Yina 21 February 2014


Wow, sorry I'm such a shitty admin! Look at me, going on all these stupid hiatuses. haha.

Welp, I'm feeling better, or about as good as it gets, anywho. I'll probably be back on more. Writing bios. Doing rps. That whole package.

Yeah! Hey! Hi! Howdy, how has everybody been while I was away?

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Theblank103 Theblank103 14 February 2014


All Zodiac members not currently on Hiatus please report to this page how ready you think you grasp the characters. Whether that means you need to edit your page more or think someone else should.

Red (Aka Yina) is currently on a Hiatus. But that doesn't mean we can't be ready to start by the time she gets back!

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Yina Yina 14 February 2014

Well then


Mini hiatus time

Maybe for a few weeks

Maybe I'll have Nick hop on for me and write out my character pages for the Zodiac, I dunno, but I just need to go away for a while. My dog just died, a good friend of mine is moving away, and school is super stressful and I kind of have some therapy I need to start going to and probably some 'meetings' with a handful of my friends.

Life is not a good time for me right now. I'm sorry, but I just can't, I'm sorry, I hope everything is good for you guys.

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Zame-two Zame-two 13 February 2014


I'm Zame and I'm new to this Wikia. Please tell me if you need help with coding or anything! I can't wait to start!

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Theblank103 Theblank103 5 February 2014

I am bored

So..............If you are on. At any point in time. Leave a message on my page. Whether its about a rp, idea, story, or ANYTHING. Just....really bored with all this snow.

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StribogE17 StribogE17 31 January 2014

Goodbye For Now

As some of you may know, the Sochi Olympics are going to be happening very soon. I need to say this now, because if I disappear you may know why. I'll be gone from the 2nd to the 26th of February, (starting tomorrow) to go serve as protection during the Olympics.

The reason I was called to serve is because recent terrorist attacks in Volgograd and Southern Sochi have threatened security for tourists and Olympians during the events. Regretfully, there have been threats made to kill and harm tourists over these events; meaning that in case in any given situation: I may not be walking out there alive without scratches, or possibly my life.

You guys are great, I really only know a select few; but I'd just like to make this my temporary (or perma…

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Theblank103 Theblank103 31 January 2014

It has come to my attention

So I know things can get complicated with life. But if everyone who reads this could leave a message on here so I know you still are on the site that would be great! 

If not then I guess you're MIA. Hope you all are doing well. 

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Spectria Spectria 29 January 2014

More Active

So, I know I am new here and all, and I don't really know how things run with you guys, but I hope to RP with you all more because it's SO MUCH FUN :)

I really enjoyed creating my OC pages (Spitfire and Rivera) and using them in roleplay. It's a lot of fun and I hope to become more active and a regular member here on the wiki.

With school, I don't know what my schedule will be. But I hope to make more time for everything on here :3

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Theblank103 Theblank103 27 January 2014

I had a free day

Yeah if you check the history then you will realise I kinda went crazy and did alot of work. 

Sorry.....Yeah I had a free day. 

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Yina Yina 23 January 2014


Please, please, please, PLEASE, do not yell at him. You guys are sweet, going to defend me and all, but Nick is my best friend and I love him to bits. He's a giant jerk to me, but I'm just as bad to him, but we like it that way. He is the coolest guy I have ever known and he's actually really sweet when I need him to be. He is my big, strange, best friend and I love him, so please, pretty please, just ignore him, okay? We have our game going on and him being a dick to me is just a part of our game. Revealing secrets about me is just how the game works. I do it to him too, so don't yell at him. If you're going to yell at him, you have to yell at me too.

Okay? C: Okay. Cool.


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Jeagerbombbastic Jeagerbombbastic 23 January 2014




Wow what a dumb username I have

Anyway, hello, greetings. I shall never be on this wikia other than to bother Phantom. Or whatever she calls herself on here. And maybe to fill in for her when she can't do shit.

And yeah, thats right bitch, I found you

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Yina Yina 21 January 2014

I don't care, watch this

I don't care if you've never seen Attack on Titan

I don't even care if you don't even know what it's about

I don't even care if you don't even like anime

Please just watch this

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Yina Yina 20 January 2014

Dear lord where did all of these people come from



Hi everybody thats been more active on the wikia as of late. I am your admin, call me Red. If you need anything, feel free to ask I guess. Also, I'd love to talk with all of you, so shoot me a message sometime, yeah?





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