Brother Water
Vital statistics
Real Name Brother Water
Aliases Puck, Mark
Gender Male
Species Water elemental
Status Alive
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Likes Swimming, flirting, poetry
Dislikes Those who complain,
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Unknown
Relatives Mother Earth,Daughter Daylight,Father Time, Sister Animal
Allies Mother Earth,Father Time,Daughter Daylight, Sister Animal
Enemies None specifically
Affiliations His family
Powers & Abilities
Powers Telekinesis, Conjuring
Weaknesses Extreme heat/cold
Equipment Gun
First Appearance x


Brother Water's appearance is a mere illusion he chooses to take on. In his current form, he wears a grey jacket and yellow shirt, decorated with stars. He wears tight blue jeans and patterned blue sneakers. He always carries an umbrella, as well as a small floatation device tucked away in his coat. He stands at 6'8" with shaggy yellow hair and jade eyes.


Brother Water is a very calm individual for the most part. His emotions can change rather quickly, and he is easy to upset. When he is in a joyful mood, he jokes around and enjoys harassing his friends and siblings. In his negative moods, he is quiet and likes to be left alone. If pursued while upset, he tends to lash out on others.



Brother Water is able to control water from any source.


He is able to create water if the elements hydrogen and oxygen are present, which they always are on Earth.


  • His favorite color is gold.
  • He was created soon after his Mother was created.
  • He is the eldest of his siblings.