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Captain Boomerang
Vital statistics
Real Name George Harkness
Aliases Digger Hark, Hogan Mercer
Gender Male
Species Australian-American Human
Status Active Criminal
Alignment The Rouges
Likes Boomerangs, Hiking, Australian Food and Women
Dislikes Aussie-Stereotyping, The Flash
Place of Origin Melbourne, Australia
Residence Iron Heights Penitentary
Relatives Unknown
Allies Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Heat Wave, the Top, The Trickster
Enemies Flash, Kid Flash
Affiliations Central City Rouges
Powers & Abilities
Powers Normal human strength and agility, advanced skill with Boomerang throwing
Weaknesses Becomes enraged when his Australian nationality is made fun of, sting rays
Equipment High-tech Boomerangs
First Appearance Flash #117