Vital statistics
Real Name Experiment #012
Aliases Ferryman
Gender Male (possibly)
Species unknown
Status Alive
Alignment unknown
Likes unknown
Dislikes unknown
Place of Origin The Realm of the Crypt, Meridian, Unnamed Dimension
Residence Meridian
Relatives other Experiments
Allies unknown
Enemies unknown
Affiliations none
Powers & Abilities
Powers unknown
Weaknesses Bright Light
Equipment Scythe
First Appearance yet to be revealed.

"I am the soul heir to Pryoks Scythe."


Charon is an experiment created by Pryok, he bares on his skeletal shoulderblade the tatoo "#012". He is considered one of the most powerful experiments, but due to his incomplete status his power is still uncertain. With his creator sentenced to eternity in Tartarus, he searches for a purpose.


Charon has lived alone since he was abandoned after Pryoks second capture. He wanders the planet in search of meaning. He questions the difference between life and death and wishes to understand things most beings overlook. He has decided to act alone and exact his own form of justice. He is a vigilante that has worked with the Titans of the Sozen arc, but cannot be considered an ally to anyone but himself. It is unknown what his allignment is currently.

Charons True form