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Cooper Twins
Vital statistics
Real Name Mike Cooper and Max Cooper
Aliases The Twins
Gender Males
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Video Games, Girls, Candy, TV, Good People
Dislikes Bad People, Vegetables, Reading, Being Apart
Place of Origin Kokomo, Indiana
Residence Coast City, Maine
Relatives Father (Deceased), Mother (Unknown), Older Sister (Unknown)
Allies Titans Northeast
Enemies Mainly The Nightmare
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Powers & Abilities
Powers Cloning, Telepathy between each other
Weaknesses Childishness, Candy, Lack of Consentration
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Mike and Max prefers to everything together, and is almost impossible to break them apart. Their thinking is almost exactly the same, except for that Mike is mostly interested in video games and Max is mostly interested in girls. These two things are the only things that can make them part from eachother for a couple of minutes.


Mike and Max grew up in Kokomo in Indiana. They had a mother who worked for the newspaper and was therefor stressed all the time. They also had an older sister, who took care of them while their mother was out working. They did not have a father, as he died in a car crash some days before they were born. They went to school and some people thought is was cute how they always thought the same thing, but others saw them as weird how they did everything the same and together.

Some years later, when they were ten years, they moved to Shore City for some reason. What that happened to theyr mother and sister is unknown.

Powers & Abilities

Telepathy: Mike and Max has a limited telepathy and can talk to eachother by thinking. Not many people knows this and they use it to communicate when they can't open their mouths for some reason.

Cloning: Mike and Max can each clone themselves. Some people believes that one of them is in fact a clone, who cannot disappear for some reason. It is possible, as there does not exist any records of them in the hospital, where they supposibly were born. The total number of clones they can produce is unlimited.