Earth-Project is an alternate univervse closely related to Earth-Teen Titans. 


Earth-Project was created by TheBlank103 as a way to use the universe created in Earth-Teen Titans without fear of changing its timeline.

Important Characters

Lance Day is one of the most pivotal heroes in this universe. His choices create a ripple effect that has lead the universe to where it is today and where it had the possibility of going on Earth-Rebellion. Others like Batman, Lex Luthor, and Superman also have a big impact on this universe.

No one character is the main protagainist. However their are many main characters. This list is quite small however and is only given to the members of the Project. More importantly- Lightning Lord, White Lantern, Sen-El, Headshot, Rocky Road, and Spitfire.

Other side characters do have large roles. Including, Blue Beetle, Stone, Skidz, The Titans, Teen Titans, Rivera, Crow, and Daylight.

List of all members of Earth-Project: Here

Important events

So far no major events have occured in present day that did not occur in another universe.

Rebellion- Rebellion tells the story of what could happen to Earth-Project if certain events happened. However this possibility has been negated as the team members now know what to watch out for.

Important Places

The Watchtower- Base of Justice League and the Project

Metropolis- Home to Superman, Spitfire, and LexCorp.

Jump City- Home of the Teen Titans (Earth-Project)

Smalltown- Former home of Lightning Lord, White Lantern, and Stone

Important Teams


The Order

Justice League

Teen Titans

Batman INC.



The Specialists

Suicide Squad


Team 7 (Defunt)

Wonderland Gang

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