Father Time
Vital statistics
Real Name Father Time
Aliases Joshua
Gender Male
Species TIme itself
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Likes Schedules, being on time, orderly things, watching clocks tick
Dislikes Being questioned of his eyepatch, being unable to stay focused
Place of Origin Beginning of time and space
Residence Unknown
Relatives Mother Earth, Brother Water, Sister Animal, Daughter Daylight
Allies Mother Earth, Brother Water, Sister Animal, Daughter Daylight
Enemies None specifically
Affiliations His family
Powers & Abilities
Powers Time Manipulation
Weaknesses His own temper
Equipment Spear
First Appearance x


Father Time's physical appearance is a mere illusuion, his true form being time itself. He is quite tall, standing at 7 ft. exactly. He has medium length white hair and silvery-blue eyes, one of which is covered by an eyepatch covered in gears; the largest representing a millennium, medium sized representing a decade and the smallest representing a year. The three gears tick, similar to a clock. He wears a large blue trench coat, also covered in gears. He wears no shirt most of the time. He wears multiple belts underneath his shirt, all of which act as mental reminders of the restrictions of his powers that he must obey. He wears brown pants and black boots, and almost always carries his spear. The clock at the top acts as a normal clock does, going by minutes and hours. He is usually surrounded by clocks, each of which count by different units of time.


Father Time is a very serious man. He is strict with schedules, and is often stressed. He hides this very well, however. Father Time also struggles with outbursts of anger, and will often attempt to use his powers to create chaos. His belts remind him not to do so, as his outbursts can often lead to chaotic results.


Time Manipulation

Father Time has the ability to control time in any direction he pleases, or to stop it completely.


  • Father Time keeps several calendars, clocks and schedules around his residence.
  • He was created alongside the universe.
  • He controls the sands of people's lives as well as time. He possesses millions of sands, some of which have run out and others that have just been turned.