Vital statistics
Real Name Mary G.
Aliases Flame, M-G
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Fire, Light, Her Teammates, Chili
Dislikes Darkness, Coldness, Shade (occasionly)
Place of Origin Texas
Residence Coast City, Maine
Relatives Parents (Unknown status)
Allies All Titans
Enemies Yetinormous (mainly), the other villains of Coast City
Affiliations Titans Northeast
Powers & Abilities
Powers Produce Fire, Manipulate Fire
Weaknesses Water, Darkness, Clowns
Equipment None
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Growing up in Texas, she got the taste for spicy food and the joy of riding horses. She has a clear Texas accent and easily giggles from random things. She despites Shade, being almost the complete opposite of him and not liking how he is. She spends some time complaining about him and his behaviour. Even after all this, she unknowingly likes him. She likes to do her nails and play with small, cute animals.


Mary grew up on her parents' farm in Texas. She was always a western-kind of girl and spoke with a clear Texas accent. From she was very young, Mary manipulated small fires for fun and enjoiment. When in her teens, her parents' farm was set on fire and she barely saved them with alot of burnmarks. Her parents learned that she put out the fire and the presumed she was the one also started the fire. They sent her away to a prison, but she escaped and ran as far away as she could without crossing the borders, Maine. She later learned that she could produce fire as well as control it. She met Bullet and Shade in Coast City and formed a group with them.

Powers & Abilities

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  • I hope to develope her more
  • She is the complete opposite of Shade and often argues with him, but they both unknowningly likes eachother
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