Vital statistics
Real Name Paige Valdez
Aliases Flower Power
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Dead
Alignment Hero
Likes roses, puzzle video games
Dislikes fish
Place of Origin Gulch City
Residence Gulch City
Relatives Maria Valdez (Mother), Paul Valdez (Father), Laura Valdez (sister)
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Villians
Affiliations Titans South, Teen Titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers Accelerate/Decelerate/control the growth of plants, super strength
Weaknesses Fire,
Equipment none
First Appearance none

Flora was the self appointed leader and founder of Titans South. She brought all of the current team members together, and her memory is the glue that holds them together today.


Flora was often considered the happiest member of Titans south. She was bright and cheerful, and always had a positive, can-do attitude. She truly understood the importance of having a great leader, even if she wasn't always the best at it herself. Despite her bubbly personality, she was quick to anger and used her powers recklessly. This ended in her eventual downfall, but her flaws aside she was always loving and kind to her team members.


Paige was born and raised in Gulch City. Her came from an average, middle-class family with nothing special about them. The only hint that something was amiss would have been when right after her birth, Paige's (now late) reclusive, eccentric gardener of a grandmother came out from her home to visit her new grandchild. Her parents thought nothing of it, however. Paige knew from an early age that she had an affinity for plant-life, but it didn't occur to her or her parents until later just how great this affinity was. Around her 10th birthday, Paige was granted a sapling for her birthday. She became impatient with how slow it grew over the next few months, and one morning the family awoke to find that the little sapling had become a full-grown tree.

At first her parents wanted to keep her powers a secret, and for a few years they did. However, Paige could no longer keep her powers to herself. She understood after a year or two of quiet training of her powers that she needed to use them for a purpose. For good. She began sneaking out at night and apprehending minor criminals with her powers. She soon became known as the vigilante "Flower Power", due to her almost exclusive use of flower seeds.

It wasn't long before her family discovered the true identity of Gulch City's hero. Reluctantly they agreed to help her train her powers in secret, and -on the condition that she find other super-powered individuals to help her- help form a team of superheroes for Gulch City.

It was from that moment on that she began calling herself Flora, and took on the role as superhero. Soon she found others to join her: Scythe, Gust, and Gadget.


Control plants

Flora had the ability to speed up (accelerate), slow (decelerate) or reverse the growth of plants. Not only that, but while the plant is growing, she could will it to bend into any physically possible shape for that particular plant.


Flora also had minor superhuman strength, which allowed her to be able to pick up a couch with people on it with ease, but she would start having difficulty if she tried to pick up something around the weight of a small car.