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Vital statistics
Real Name Grove Mariner
Aliases Glorious Grove
Gender Male
Species Eos
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Calm, His friends
Dislikes disruption and chaos
Place of Origin Earth, Meridian
Residence Meridian, Unnamed dimension
Relatives unknown
Allies Aria, Link, Leya, Aron
Enemies Miasma etc.
Affiliations Titans of the Sozen Arc, Mages Council
Powers & Abilities
Powers Advanced temperal conjuring, flight.
Weaknesses Slow and physically weak
Equipment Mages staff
First Appearance Yet to be revealed

Relationships and Details

Grove and Link have been good friends for quite a while. They grew up in the same village. However while Link preffered to learn the physical arts, Grove was learning the Temperal arts. While Link indeed has great skill manipulating his blue fire temperance, Groves temperance is much stronger and he can manipulate into many forms. He can even infuse it into the surrounding earth to manipulate the plantlife around him. His personality is that of a child genius but he is quite and fair. Often being the mediator between other members arguments.