"If someone mentions my sister's name, I will not hesitate to hex them. "
— Hex

Vital statistics
Real Name Happy
Aliases Unlucky one, Hex
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment villain
Likes HIVE academy, studying at HIVE, Brother Blood, HIVE Five, Gizmo, Mammoth, Kyd Wykyyd, Billy Numerous, See-More, Video Games, kicking Titan Butt
Dislikes Idiots, Titans, Jinx, Kid Flash, jail, prison, Robin, Cyborg (HIVE enemy), BumbleBee
Place of Origin United States
Residence Hive Academy
Relatives Jinx (long lost sister)
Allies All HIVE members & students, Brother Blood, Gizmo, Mammoth, Kyd Wykyyd, See-More, Billy Numermous
Enemies Jinx, Kid Flash
Affiliations Hive Five (her team)
Powers & Abilities
Powers sorcrey and hexes, manipulating the probabilty of bad luck, advanced gymnastic skills, master acrobatic, enhanced agility, skilled hand-to-hand combatant
Weaknesses None
Equipment None
First Appearance
WPS Light Jasmine Tile
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Hex is a 15 year old criminal master mind and is the current leader of the HIVE West.


Past Life

Hex's real name is unknown but her past life is known. She was 13 when it all started. A mad scientist took her and her sister (though she never knew Jinx was her sister until age 15 which was when she was stealing the lucky charm) and injected a formula that enchances the probability of bad luck. The formula worked! But the scientist wanted to use the two sisters as his pawns. When Hex found out about that, she told the other girl (Jinx) that they seriously need to get out of there and so they did. Both escaping at a different time period so they wouldn't get caught easily.

Becoming a Villain

Lucky charm necklace

The lucky necklace.

Like her sister, Hex tries to steal the lucky necklace, but fails and ends up in jail because of Kid Flash and Jinx. Brother Blood then found out that she was Jinx's sister and knew of her abilities. He paid all of her fines as took her out of jail. She then enrolled into the HIVE academy. Since then, Hex has been planning revenge on Kid Flash and Jinx.

Forming the HIVE

Hex had dreamed about forming a gorup that was similair to the titans and that everything would be villai based. With the help of Brother Blood and some other infamous super villains who hated and despised the titans, they formed The HIVE.


She's very harsh when it comes to her teammates and the Titans. (and especially to Jinx + Kid Flash) But if you get to know her inside and out, you'll know she's like that because of Jinx.


Her appearance is some what like Jinx's but a bit different.


She has light blue hair instead of pink. Her irises are very light blue. She wears an earring cuff on her left ear. And her outfit is red, not purple.


Their outfit has the same appearance (just different colors). They have the same choker and blush (just different colors)


  • sorcrey and hexes
  • manipulating the probabilty of bad luck
  • advanced gymnastic skills
  • master acrobatic
  • enhanced agility
  • skilled hand-to-hand combatant


"Shut up or I'll hex ya."

"You gotta problem with that?"

"When there's heroes you know who to call! HIVE ACADEMY! From their spies they can see it all! HIVE ACADEMY! When there's good going around, you can make sure that stealing is safe and sound. Cause when all chaos looses control, HIVE ACADEMY! Go!"

"Buddy, I am this close to hexing you."

"you seriously think this stuff is in?"


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