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Vital statistics
Real Name Hiita Wilder
Aliases Hitomi
Gender Female
Species Eos
Status unknown
Alignment unknown
Likes unknown
Dislikes unknown
Place of Origin Possibly Meridian
Residence furture
Relatives Link Wilder (Father), Aria Vaine (Mother), Astralagi (Grandfather), Kirilla Vaine (Grandmother)
Allies unknown
Enemies unknown
Affiliations unknown
Powers & Abilities
Powers Apparently manipulation of blue fire, Levitaion, and Sight Sharing, possibly iherited all of her parents abilities
Weaknesses unknown
Equipment unknown
First Appearance yet to be revealed

Future visions

When Grove and Link went on a duo mission together, they met a Temperal sage, he showed them a glipse of the future and several beings they had never seen before. Two of the being spoke to them, both being female. One claiming to be Links Daughter, the other claiming to be Groves. It is not yet kown if they will actually exist for fate is not certain.

Haunted03 "Will he ever comeback?"

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