Vital statistics
Real Name Katie Moriko
Aliases Kate, Ms. Moriko, Kit-Kat
Gender Female
Species human
Status Ninja
Alignment Evil
Likes Weapons, winning, compliments, tea
Dislikes The scar on her right arm caused by loss in battle (hidden by glove),losing, getting her hair cut, relationships
Place of Origin Hong-Kong
Residence Unknown
Relatives Mother (a heroic ninja), Father (an evil samurai),little sister, baby brother
Allies Her squadron of ninjas
Enemies Macy/witches
Affiliations unknown
Powers & Abilities
Powers Super-strangth, meditation, able to walk on air, super-speed, ninja abilaty
Weaknesses Being put-down
Equipment Sword, nun-chucks, star blades
First Appearance The Death of Dove; Matthew vs Dove, part three


Katie is very pale, and is quite tall. Her bright red hair has been ties up in a ponytail, and reaches just above her ankles. She wears a brown and white dress that is separated at both sides. The glove on her right side covers a wound she had gotten from a battle loss, and she is ashamed of it, so she got a long glove to cover it up. She always carries her sword with her, even in public places.


She is very cruel and heartless. She and Macy have an on-going rivalry going on. She has followed her family's traditions ever since she was little, and insists everybody else does, too. she is forceful and almost always gets what she wants.


Super strength

  • Katy is able to lift heavy objects, nothing extreme, however.


  • She meditates in order to relax. Meditation is similar to Raven.


  • She can walk on air, sometimes water. It involves meditation.

Super speed

  • Katy is able to run very fast speeds. Also caused by injections.


  • Katie is incredibly agile and can dodge just about anything thrown at her.


  • She absolutely REFUSES to use modern things, such as technology or cars. She insists on following the Muromachi time period.