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Kie Tatsude
Vital statistics
Real Name Keiran De los Trinos
Aliases Kuya Kei (called by his siblings)
Gender Male
Species Human (Asian)
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes weapons, training, walking in parks, His pet dogs
Dislikes postponed training
Place of Origin Manila, Philippines
Residence Paranaque, Philippines
Relatives Thunder (pet), Storm (pet)
Allies Titans of the Orient
Enemies The Evil Pentagon
Affiliations Republic of the Philippines, Titans of the Orient
Powers & Abilities
Powers Able to use jutsus acquired from another dimension
Weaknesses Powers' strength depends on his energy
Equipment Ninja weapons
First Appearance Non yet


As he walks in a park he found a portal and he entered it and was trapped in a dimension of powerful shinobis. In the dimension he learned many jutsus and he searched for a portal back to his dimension. He met Agent Daiyamo and Ultra Lord, his cousins who laters help him return back to their dimension with the use of Agent Daiyamo's inter-dimension portal creation. After the return to his own dimension he helped the Titans of the Orient Pearl to defeat the Origami Master. He was later offered to be a Titan.

Powers and abilities

Extreme speed- He is able to run and jump at extreme speed so fast it sometimes seems to be teleportation

Jutsu making- He is able to create a vast aray of jutsu but each one has its own drawbacks

Expert ninja- He can use kunais, shurikens, katana and other ninja tools skillfully


  • He was created by Zuanzuanfuwa's cousin