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Vital statistics
Real Name Kirilla Vaine
Aliases Lady Aether, Kyrie
Gender Female
Species Human Mage
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Astralagi, Peace, Meditaion
Dislikes Chaos
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Unnamed Universe
Relatives Astralagi(Husband), Aria (Daughter)
Allies Astralagi, Aria, Titan's Scale, Teen Titans
Enemies Miasma Nightmare
Affiliations Titan's Scale, Teen Titnas
Powers & Abilities
Powers Magic, Alchemy, Levitation, Sight Sharing, Clairvoyance, Elemental Control (to an extent)
Weaknesses unknown
Equipment Runes
First Appearance Yet To Be Revealed

"You need to let people in. There may be people who care deeply about you somewhere." Kirilla (to Astralagi)

Earthly Life

On Earth Kiril was a young woman who was well versed in ancient spells and alchemy. Most mocker her healing abilities. When Miasma escaped into the past she attempted to destroy him in order to gain favor among her peers but was defeated. It was not until Astralagi appeared that she was able to unlock her true powers.

Kiril and Astralagi

Kiril returned to Astralagi's universe after the total defeat of Miasma. After severl years the two got married and lived peacefully. Eventually they had a child Astralagi called the "Child of the Cosmos" her name was Aria.