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Vital statistics
Real Name Lindsey
Aliases Angel Girl, Golden Girl
Gender Female
Species Angel
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Video Games, Fighting with Friends
Dislikes Villains, Monsters
Place of Origin The World of Angels
Residence Titans Southwest Tower
Relatives None
Allies Dove, Matthew, Simma
Enemies None
Affiliations None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Control over Elements, Inhuman abilities of Speed and Agility, Healing
Weaknesses Threats to harm her friends, or family; guns; homesickness
Equipment Bow of Truth, which shoots arrows of blue light and converts into Dual Blades; Mirror Shield which reflects projectiles
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"You didn't honestly think I'd pull out a harp and sing praises, did you? "
— Lindsey


Lindsey appears to be only twelve years old, though she is fifteen, and has golden hair that’s length is between her shoulders and her waist. She has lightly tanned skin and dark eyes. On her right wrist is a scar that glows gold. When in her angel form, she wears a golden tunic that lets her wings show. She wears a leather belt around her waist that stores her Bow of Truth, Mirror Shield, and other necessary objects in the form of light orbs, and leather lace-up sandals. When disguised as a human, she wears a gold, skin-tight shirt that hides her wings, blue jeans (usually with holes), and white sneakers with gold trim.


Lindsey is a shy, friendly girl. She is brave and sometimes timid. She can take down enemies several times her size, and tends to use her Bow of Truth, Light Arrows, and Mirror Shield over magic, except for healing. She loves to play video games, and hang out with friends. She also has the biggest sweet tooth around. No matter what, she puts saving her friends first. She has been known to go into battle with a terrible injury even she couldn’t heal and put her life in danger.

Powers and Abilities

Control over Elements: Lindsey can control the four elements: fire, air, earth, and water.

Healing: Lindsey can heal herself and others with a single touch.

Inhuman Speed: Lindsey can go on average 10–12 miles per second, with her top speed being 15 miles per second.

Inhuman Agility: Lindsey can dodge thing milliseconds before they hit her.

Top Human Strength: Lindsey is as strong, if not stronger, than a human in perfect condition.

Conserving Energy: Lindsey barely needs any sleep, and the extra she gets is stored away for use when she needs it.

Telepathy: Lindsey can read minds, as well as set her own thoughts in other minds.