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Vital statistics
Real Name Link Wilder
Aliases Link the Blue Flame
Gender Male
Species Eos
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Sparring, Running, Aria
Dislikes Miasma Nightmare, etc.
Place of Origin unknown, Meridian
Residence Meridian, Unnamed Dimension
Relatives Unknown
Allies Aria, Astralagi, Teen Titans, Grove, Leya, Aron
Enemies Miasma Nightmare, Ragnorak Grey, etc.
Affiliations Teen Titans, Titans of the Sozen Arc
Powers & Abilities
Powers Has superior speed, strength, and endurance compared to humans. Levitation. Can recieve Sight Sharing from Aria. Astral Projection*, Can manipulate a Blue Flame he can produce with his temperance. He is a master of Eos Matial Arts and can wield a Glaive.
Weaknesses In love with Aria, Water attacks
Equipment Glaive
First Appearance Yet to be revealed

"Link, I want you to go to Earth to watch my daughter. I'm afraid she may get into trouble there."

(Astralagi to Link)

"I won't let them hurt you!"

(Link to Aria)


Unlike Aria and several other Eos, Link wears more than just the bare essentials.. Link wears two different outfits when he needs each respectively. While training he usually wears a soft windbreaker like material emblazoned with blue fire patterns. It is light and easy for him to move around in. More ofter he wears a heavier material, still blazoned with blue fire.


Link Wilder is an Eos. As such he has better stamina, speed, and strength than a human. He practices Eos Matial Arts and is one of the few Eos to have a powerful Temperance. He can generate a Blue flame of intense heat that he can manipulate. He can also astral project his soul mixed with burning blue flames in an attack he calls, "Burning Soul". He can levitate as most eos with strong Temperance can, but he can also receive Sight Sharing images from Aria better and faster than most people.

His physical ability is also remarkable. He is a Martial artist. One of only three types of warriors in the Entire Eos race. normally they fend of villages from beasts or hunt for food. Martial Artists specialize in power rather than speed or Stamina, and Link is no exception. his powerful punches however are far weaker than the average fighter. He is quate a bit faster however. He is also the only known person on all of Meridian to use a weapon with a blade. While the only other know weapons on the planet include wooden arrows and bow staffs, Astralagi has allowed him to wield a Glaive. He is the only Eos inhistory to have done so. He possesses great skill with the Glaive but is very rarely put into a situation in which it must be used. As a result, Link rarely carries it with him.


To Aria, Link is the closest friend she's ever had, they have been friends since they were little children, but she also sees him as her closest sibling, almost like a twin brother. However, Link originally though of her the same way until he realized that she meant more to him than that. Link loves Aria to the point that he would risk his life for her. She doesn't know his true feelings yet.