Luck in Jump City


In contrast with his sister, He wears a white and indigo wizard cloak and he also has a sky blue hair and eye color.


His parents have a personal favorite on his sister Jinx leading him to be jelous of her. Brother Blood invited his parents to enroll Jinx in the H.I.V.E. Academy, which of course he doesn't inform her parents that the school was for supervillains in training. Blood saw Jinx as a potential. After these events had passed, Luck's jelousy increases and trained himself to destroy Brother Blood and his sister.

One day he was ready to confront Brother Blood but he found out that Blood threatened his parents to should favor Jinx more as part of his plans. If they will not give Blood's demands, he will kill both Luck and Jinx. He encountered Jinx again when she was already an Honorary Titan at Manila together with the Titans of the Orient Pearl. Knowing that the Titan's leader, Agent Daiyamo has pyschic powers, he thought that he posseses mind controlling abilities and planted hatred to Agent Daiyamo and the rest of the Titans of the Orient. He wanted to protect Jinx and fights the Titans. He was almost defeated but Agent Daiyamo said that if he thinks that he put her sister under mind control, he will cut any contact with her and leaves the battlefield. After that Agent Daiyamo returns to HQ and was sad of the loss of a good friend and he was also angry that he was dicriminated because of his powers and was thought as a villain. Soon the door of the headquarters open together with Luck and Jinx saying that he Luck was sorry that he only attacked Agent Daiyamo because he wanted to protect his sister. Agent Daiyamo's anger disappears and understands Luck, remembering some flashbacks in his life that is about protecting his siblings too.