Vital statistics
Real Name Maclen Jaques
Aliases Micky, Witchie, Belle, Ms. Jaques
Gender Female
Species Witch
Status Alive, Witchcraft teacher
Alignment good
Likes Brooms, her cat Skyla, her big witch hat, her job, flying
Dislikes Evil witches, Katy, when Skyla is all dirty, The myth of what witches look like (y'know... warts.. green skin...)
Place of Origin Europe
Residence Africa (Father on trip, temporary)
Relatives Mother (Witch) Father (Photographer)
Allies Family, Hiluau, Witches
Enemies Ninjas, all evil,
Affiliations unknown
Powers & Abilities
Powers Witchcraft, flying, tellaportation
Weaknesses Unknown
Equipment Ben (Her broom), pocket knife
First Appearance The death of Dove: part three

"I'm up here, silly! "-Macy


Macy has reddish-pink hair and turquoise eyes. She wears a black coat with long coattails and a small cape. Her coat and cape have small blue swirls on it, as well. She also wears a black mini-skirt held up by a black belt with a silver, circular belt buckle. She also has a gian witch hat, which was givin to her when she was 5. The bracelets she wears is pure silver, and was givin to her on her birthday by her students.


Macy is always very giggly and happy, although she is slightly psychotic. She considers herself a good witch, despite the fact that she teaches and uses black magic. She almost always goes with her father on trips to keep him company. She also cares deeply for her students.



  • Macy may brew potions, use magic, and use blue energy constructs, similar to Raven.


  • Macy is able to fly on her broomstick.


  • She is able to teleport a short distance.



  • Her broomstick.

Pocket knife

  • Her small pocket knife that she uses to cut people (She goes crazy with this. She shouts "Don't cut me, bro!" as well).


  • Her father is un-aware of her witch-ness.
  • she is 18 years old.
  • She has been medically diognosed with mental illness.