Meridian, the Planet of Peace

Location and Terrain

Meridian was created by Astralagi as the central planet, the basis of his entire universe. It resides in his dimension but contains portals to numerous other pocket dimensions and even a portal to Earth called the Sozen Arc. Most of the planet is beautiful, lush gree forests, clean plains, crystal blue oceans and majestic mountains. It also has underground caves, tundras at it's poles and a horrid cragy island called Dabron. Other than the few inhospitable locations the planet is perfect.


Other than a menojerie of creatures both predetorial and herbivorous their are three intelligent races that live on Meridian. The first is the most common, they are the Eos. The chosen race of Astralagi. The second is a race od intelligent feathered serpents that live in the highest mountains. They protect the planet and are called Rextukuuza Quatl. The final race are called Dabronians. They live on the inhospitable island of Dabron and act as guards for the prison the island houses.