Vital statistics
Real Name Miasma Nightmare
Aliases Darkness Encarnate
Gender Unknown
Species Pure Darkness Personified
Status Alive, Regenerating
Alignment Evil
Likes Pure Power, Dominace, Revenge
Dislikes Astralagi
Place of Origin Astralagi's Heart
Residence Tartarus
Relatives None
Allies Fake Titans
Enemies Astralagi, Teen Titans
Affiliations None
Powers & Abilities
Powers He has all of Astralagi's powers. He also can conjure Pure Evil. He swallowed the Amalgamation of Darkness and now can conjure the powers of every evil being it absorbed.
Weaknesses Positive Emotions
Equipment none
First Appearance Teen Titans: Souls Bond
"I am you. I am your darkness, that which you cast aside long ago. But I've returned, more powerful than you could ever imagine."

- Miasma (to Astralagi)


Miasma was human darkness cast off by the deity Astralagi. It festered with hatred for well over 1000 years in that universe, finally becoming the primordial evil of that universe. When it became sentient it dawned the name Miasma.

Amalgamation of Darkness

To prevent a surge in evil energy, Astralagi bound all darkness on different level of the Tartarus. A dangerous prison for the darkness. The most ledgendary level, was level 13. Hidden there was the Amalgamation of Darkness. A pit that sucked away all the darkness of the other levels to purify and weaken the inmates. Miasma infiltrated the Tartarus setting many of the inmate free. Astralagi was able to reimprison them but not before Miasma had absorded the Amalgamation. With this power combined with the powers of Astralagi made Miasma almost invincible. But he was defeated and fled to Earth before he too was imprisoned.


In his final moments of freedome, he expelled all of his powed and condesed them into a seed which he sent careening across Space and Time, his final words were, "The shodows will exist forever, maybe not here, but wherever they thrive, my greatest creation will be there. And one day, he will return, to avenge me." The seed eventually evolved into the dark Ragnarok Grey