Mother Earth
Mother Earth
Vital statistics
Real Name Mother Earth
Aliases Mother Nature, Delilah
Gender Female
Species Earth elemental
Status Alive
Alignment Lawful Good
Likes Gardening, peaceful settings, sewing
Dislikes violence, pollution, getting angry
Place of Origin Milky Way Galaxy
Residence Unknown
Relatives Father Time, Daughter Daylight, Sister Animal, Brother Water
Allies Father Time, Daughter Daylight, Sister Animal, Brother Water
Enemies None specifically
Affiliations Father Time, Daughter Daylight, Sister Animal, Brother Water
Powers & Abilities
Powers Geokinesis, Botanokinesis
Weaknesses Bodily damage
Equipment Chariot and spear
First Appearance x


Mother Earth's humanoid appearance is merely an illusion she created from a small rock in which she uses as a puppet, her true appearance is the earth in it's entirety. In her projected appearance, she has long blue hair and large blue eyes; reminiscent of the oceans. She wears a rose in her hair, decorated with pearls. The top of her dress consists of a fancy button-down shirt with a large, ruffled collar and flowing sleeves. Her skirt is made of various flower petals, mostly lilies. Her sash is a pale pink ribbon, decorated with roses. The golden brooch on her collar of her shirt is a thorned rose. She stands at 6'9".


Mother Earth is a kind and loving person, very motherly indeed. She enjoys gardening and tries to help herself in any way she can. Despite the fact that she is kind and motherly, she is a force to be reckoned with. If made angry, she is truly the most terrifying foe one could have.



Mother Earth can manipulate, shape and destroy elements in their most naturally occurring form. She has trouble controlling objects processed by man, such as plastic.


Mother Earth has the ability to manipulate and create plant life.


Chariot and Spear

She prefers not to use her spear, but she gladly transports she and her family on the chariot driven by seven radiant pegasi.


  • She is a very passive person and tried to use rationality of brutality.
  • She hardly ever has anything mean to say.
  • She often leads anti-pollution protests.
  • Due to the fact that her humanoid appearance is merely a rock puppet, she takes damage quite easily, but can put herself back together.