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Here you can show your future RPG so more of our users may join it. Please feel free to use this page but please don't abuse it, also use correct spelling, and proper language. also all content here is subjected to change without notice.

List of RPs

Name: The Doctor is In...
Author: PsykoReaper
Plot: It lookes like it is going to be a nice Halloween night, until the Scarecrow visits his old friend Robin and his Teen Titans and gives them a psychiatry session...with the help of his handy-dandy fear toxin!
Cast The Scarecrow

Teen Titans

Notes Some one has to be the Teen Titans for this one...

Contact PsykoReaper to enlist for the RP.

Name: The Reunion
Author: NightBird
Plot: After the event in Gotham city during The Guns of the Patriots, Batman has discovered major intel about the Savernyan plans, even wired a Savernyan Submarine. He discover about a prisioner of the Savernyan that might be a CIA agent that alone infiltrated the Savernyan military and gained key info of the 'Hunter" the satelite that would be devasting to the U.S.A if is used, The CIA agent is inprisioned in a Savernyan Base. Batman knows he can't infiltrate the Savernyan base alone and rescue the objective, he ask the Titans for help, after a great odyssey to gain entance to the base only 2 persons were able to enter the base undetected, the others were captured. Can Batman & Robin again work together or the hostages are doomed?
Cast * Batman
  • Robin
  • Any Titans
Notes Contact me for info

Name: 1 After Another
Author: Azriath_the_23rd
Plot: Noctis has publicly declared war on the Titans and plans to pick them off one after another. Some were fateful to be saved by the members of the Endless Wanderers, others, lucky enough to have survived. They get relocated to Teen Titan's main tower where the greatest battle begins when Noctis brings with him, The Son of Gilbathras, Dimholt the Bloodthirsty.
Cast * Azriath by Azriath_the_23rd Teen Titans Endless Wanderers
Notes You can join this RP free of choice, though I am gonna need at least 2 users to get a fixed plot. For any questions just contact me Azriath_the_23rd this is my first RP.. so I'd really appreciate someone joining.. ^__^?

Name: Legends
Author: user:Theblank103
Plot: Frank an aspiring member of the Legend family goes off mission to save someone in danger. Now he is expelled until he gets his thoughts straight.
Cast Held Main Hero. His older brother is the main villain.
Notes This story can go almost anywhere and the someone in danger can be anyone. Thanks for reading

Name: In The Maze
Author: Gizmotastic
Plot: A ragtag group of heroes and villains are trapped in what appears to be a strange maze. With new dangers at every turn the heroes finally discover that they're not the only ones in the maze. In the fight for they're lives, will they able to win, or will the conflict overtake them.
Cast Char, Zozu, Jinx, See-more, Hotspot, Jericho, Bumblebee, Bushido, Wondergirl, and Kilowat, Gizmo, Red X.
Notes If you want to join, message me. I'll be using Char, Zozu, Jericho, and Hotspot. If you have a character you want to use not listed above, feel free to message me.