Vital statistics
Real Name Nyx Erebrion
Aliases Nix

Phobe (by Draco)

Gender female
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Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Meditation, Serenity, Books and Proteus
Dislikes Playing, Disturbed, "Phobe" and color White
Place of Origin Serene Palace, a interdimension accessablefrom Storm City
Residence Storm City
Relatives Evil Eye (her evil father)

Necro (her sibling/brother)

Allies Draco

Sapphire (Best Friend) Proteus (boyfriend) Naga

Enemies Undead Pirate

Robosaur Intellect Mr. Silence

Affiliations Teen Titan X
Powers & Abilities
Powers Manipulate Ice and Darkness, very intellectual, create shields and stepping stones
Weaknesses Demonic energy inside her or sometimes lacks agility
Equipment Fire Storm Statue and Mirror to Serenity
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

"I'm Nyx, the daughter of Darkness and a girl to destroy you!!!!" Nyx as she blusters to Mr. Silence


She is a black-haired girl wearing a hood. She resembles Raven.


Before Teen Titans X

She was in Serene Palace before the event of Teen Titans. Later, Raven Roth from Teen Titans visits. During that a reflection of Trigon had appeared in Serene Palace and had emerged into the astral dimension. Raven Roth not wanting Serene Palace to be like Azarath, stops but fails. Meanwhile, Nyx Erebrion defeats Trigon using her Nightmare energies and seals him in an astral dimension. Raven seeing her super-human powers made her an Honorary Titan. Later, with the Brotherhood of Evil uprising to destroy every Teen heroes, Nyx seals her communicator in an astral dimension before that she was in Iran.

Forming of X

She appears as a hooded bat mistaking Draco for Evil Eye. Also, she appears to Sapphire as a friend unlike other members who just blast her with lasers. From that day on she becomes part of X.

Regains her powers

In Season 3, like other X members, she fell into a comatose state. She regains her powers and was able to fight the mesmerized Doom Patrol. She was able to control heal, fire, ice, wind, water and lightning.


She is stoic, studious and very mysterious even Draco doesn't know what she hides. She is very mystical and occultical always reading book of Occultron. But some honest sides of her feelings appear in Proteus's Lifestyle where she fall in love with Proteus with his new Hairstyle and still dates. She eats just pancakes for breakfast and noodles at midnight.



She is able to teleport anywhere by sight looking at the direction or thoughts.


She is very mystical by nature, she can transform herself in any animal or any object. She can also create Dark matter projections. It is shown that Nyux can make a variety of energy constructs from her dark energy, ranging from walls to flying platforms to claws to projectiles to shields (usually dome-shaped), with these constructs temporary and subject to her will. It is also showed that she can make these fields into platforms and move them. Nyx is able to raise shields with an extremely high degree of imperviousness to damage from nearly any kind of assault, be it physical or energy-based (magical or not) in nature, though the durability of these shields have been shown to vary due to a variety of unclear factors.


She is able to speak any language from Tofu monster to Sanskrit or Ancient Mohenjo-Darian.