Origami Master
Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Paper Folder, The Ninja of Origami
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Evil
Likes His origami, battles
Dislikes Missing a target, the destruction of his origami not on his own will
Place of Origin A ninja based dimension
Residence Okinawa, Japan
Relatives None
Allies The Evil Pentagon
Enemies The Titans of the Orient Pearl, The Teen Titans
Affiliations The Evil Pentagon
Powers & Abilities
Powers Can create explosive origami, Able to make origami from every material even pure energy
Weaknesses Each of his origami has it's own weakness
Equipment Kunai, shuriken and various japanese weapons
First Appearance The Titans of the Orient Pearl the Formation


He is a ninja in his dimension with evil intention. He met Ultra Lord who tried to stop his evil plan. Exhausted he tried to escape by create an origami dimension travel device and he suceeded. He currently resides in Okinawa, Japan on the Ryukus.


Origami creation- He can create explosive origami and can create origami from any material which has it's own weakness. For example a origami made of fire can be extinguished by water.