Vital statistics
Real Name Pryok
Aliases Titan of Death
Gender unknown
Species Titan
Status Incapacitated
Alignment Evil, Nuetral
Likes "fun"
Dislikes boredom
Place of Origin Astralagi's domain
Residence Tartarus, Level 12
Relatives Titans Scale
Allies Detahebi, Iiriga, Doku of 1000 Poisons, Charon, Squito
Enemies unknown
Affiliations Titan's Scale (Formerly)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Death, Decay, Rotting, Disease, Disaster, Poison, Warp, "Experimentation"
Weaknesses The Polar oposite of his powers, Miracles, Life Healing etc. Boredom
Equipment Scythe
First Appearance None, mentioned.

" I have been here so long...time passes so slowly for me, and you say you can relieve my boredom?"

Character Design

Pryok is the primordial source of evil in Astralagi's domain. He was created when Eosia the Titan of Infinity split his power evenly between the two conflicting forces of good and evil, life and death, dark, and light. Pryok became the emobiement of curses, death, poison etc. But in a war with the being of light Akarta, he killed his brother and was forced to be sealed in a new dimension, Tartarus, by the new Titan's Scale.

Release from Tartarus

During Miasma's takeover of Tartarus he released Pryok on the condition he cause chaos. Pryok willfully agreed and summoned all his strength, only to have fun, since thousands of years in the prison had left him bored. He mutated several beings and used them to combat Astralagi, weakening him. But eventualy he was defeated and conceded to return to the Tartarus after all his creations were destroyed. To Miasma, he had fulfilled his purpose by weakening Astralagi.

Abilities and Powers

Pryok is one of the most powerful being in all of Astralagi's dimension, below only Ragnarok, Miasma, Eosia, and Astralagi himself. He has the power to mutate and warp anything into a twisted horrific version of itself. He can control poisons, diseases, natural disasters and death itself. He likes to create "experiments" by infusing beings with "death" and warping their abilities. He h is capable of creatring a powerful arimy of horrifying creatures, some of his creations are so dangerous they were locked away in the Tartarus to prevent them having a negative effect on the Eos. To date only one "experiment" remains uncaptured. It's name is Charon.