Ragnarok Grey
Vital statistics
Real Name Ragnarok Grey
Aliases The Immortal Darkness
Gender unknown
Species Pure Darkness Encarnate
Status Incapacitated, Defeated
Alignment Evil
Likes none
Dislikes everything
Place of Origin unknown
Residence Tartarus, Level 12
Relatives Fafnir Grey (Son), Miasma nightmare, (Creator0
Allies Oza, Gelz, Armageddon
Enemies Astralagi, Teen titnas, Titan's Scale, numerous others
Affiliations none
Powers & Abilities
Powers Limitless evolution, manipulation, and assimilation
Weaknesses none
Equipment none
First Appearance None, barely mentioned

heheh, I cannot be defeated, each time I am destroyed i will regenerate, and grow ever stronger."


Long ago during Miasma's final moments, he released an absolutely massive amount of energy that spread and vanished completely as all his power left his body. All the cosic power in the universe combined with the massive amounts of evil energy from the amalgamation fused together into a tiny seed that Miasma sent careening through time and space. It was origianlay meant to be Miasma's ultimate titans to fight astralagi, but it was incomplete at the time of his defeat and was secretly sent into infinity. It traveres space, time and billions of dimmensions, steadliy evolving and growing. In only a few dimmensions was it defeated, but there it learned that it's most powerful ability was assimalation and evolution. It eventually tore a hole into the realm of Astralagi, and it took all the Teen Titans, and the Titans scale to defeat him completely, it's darkness bound in a sealed dimmension on the 12th level of Tartarus.

Abilities and Powers

Ragnarok has the ability to assimilate any power he encounters or create the perfect defense against it. He has all the powers of his creator Miasma but on a far greater scale. a 100 compared to Miasma's 1. He has gained immense cosmic, dark and assimilitave powers, in addition to infinite evolution. Even sealed in the tartarus where his power is constantly drained he is capable of manipulation the darkness in the surrounding dimensions. He manifested his power into a dark being called Fafnir, that he called his son. He also has a few powerful mutant beings that follow him, they too posess immeasurable power, It is unknow if they are his creations or followers from other dimensions.