Vital statistics
Real Name Rinya Eve
Aliases Reyna
Gender Female
Species Eos, Elementalist
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Grove, mischievous acts
Dislikes strict settings
Place of Origin unknown
Residence Realm of Earth, Meridian, Unnamed Dimension
Relatives Unknown
Allies Mori, Gaia, Grove, Titans of the Sozen Arc
Enemies unknown
Affiliations Elementalists
Powers & Abilities
Powers Complete control over Earth and Plants
Weaknesses Wind, Ice, and Fire Attacks
Equipment None, She has a baby Dabronian Shadow as her companion
First Appearance yet to be revealed


Reyna is a carefree miscievious person, contrary to Aria who is easily distracted and curious. Reyna has no problem with spacial issues and seems to have no shame, often allowing the wind to blow free her leafy garments. She tends to run headling through the trees just to pop in front of someone by hanging upside down on a tree branch. She especialy likes to pick on Grove.


Elementalists are rare higher evolutions of Eos. These beings were not created by Astralagi. Eos that posses a huge amount of tempoerance that wander into the realms of the titnas become Elementalists. They forsake their temperence for pure elemental power. Reyna is only one of the Twelve Elementalists that exist. The only other known elementalist is Vulcan.


Reyna constatnly has her loving companion with her. It is a baby Dabronian Shadow. A mammalian fox/cat like predator. She has named it Krietz. It has little power at the moment being unable to conjure the wind normal Shadows can. Reyna likes it because of it's looks, not it's power.