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Vital statistics
Real Name Richard John "Dick" Grayson
Aliases Boy Wonder

Bird Boy

Teenage Thunderbolt

Birdie Boy

Red X

Snotty (by Mad Mod)

Bird Brain (by Gizmo)

Robbie-poo (by Kitten)

The Teen Wonder (by Control Freak)

Spike (by Val-Yor)

Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Starfire

Action movies

Being a winner

Eating pizza

Listening to music

Martial arts

Spending time with his friends/teammates


Video games

Working out

Spending time with Starfire

Playing Basketball with Cyborg

Dislikes Obnoxious people
Place of Origin Gotham City
Residence Jump City
Relatives John Grayson (Father, deceased)

Mary Grayson (Mother, deceased)

Batman/Bruce Wayne (adoptive father),

Allies Starfire (Girlfriend)



Beast Boy

Kid Flash (Best Friend)



Enemies Slade
Affiliations Teen Titans,

Batman (former partner),

Slade (formerly forced mentor)

Powers & Abilities
Powers Master detective

Above-average physical condition

Master hand-to-hand combatant

Master acrobat

Master martial artist


Master of stealth and disguise

Peak human strength/endurance



Master tactician and strategist

Skilled mechanic and vehicle driver

Expert thief

Skilled leader

Weaknesses His friends in danger
Equipment Birdarangs,

Collapsible Bo Staff,

Smoke Bombs,

Grappling Cables,

Electric Discs,

Explosives Discs,

Sword (combo of two birdarangs)

First Appearance Batman #436

(August, 1989)


" There is good and there is evil, but the line between can be almost impossible to find. Does one good deed make him a hero? Am I to blame for all of it because of a single mistake? In the end, all I really know is that the answers don't come easy. It's supposed to be simple, but it's not."
Robin at the end of "X"

Robin is the leader and one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans. Before that, he was trained by, and served as sidekick to Batman. He is also Starfire's main love interest and finally becomes her boyfriend in the series finale movie.


In the Teen Titans Series, in terms of personality, Robin is closer to Batman; serious, stern, strict and obsessed with hunting down criminals, which is most prominently displayed in the first season.

Out of all the villains the team has faced, the one that is most hated is Slade. Robin will stop at nothing to defeat Slade. Robin insists that the two are nothing alike, despite Slade's claims to the contrary. Several encounters with him have lead dangerously close to causing rifts between Robin and his friends. Robin must put aside his fixation on Slade and put more trust in his teammates if he wishes to resolve the threat. Another flaw Robin has is he is competitive and still a bit immature but, despite his struggles, Robin has time and again proven to be a great leader. He cares for all of his friends deeply, and will fight to the finish to defend them. Despite that Robin still remains as a calm, level-headed and smart leader who comes up with clever strategies, shows a lot of intellectual strength, and keeps a calm head most of the time.

Robin is a bit of a loner. Beast Boy and Cyborg hang around with each other more than him, Raven and Starfire are both independent but still interact with others, yet Robin often spends long days locked in his own room, planning. He insists on doing everything himself, such as being Slade's apprentice and battling Red X.  In the episode Go! when the Titans first met, Beast Boy (who implied that he was a loner and hasn't had anybody to talk to since he left the Doom Patrol) wanted to befriend everybody, Robin made it clear that he doesn't want to be part of a team but eventually does form the Titans. Throughout the series, the team and everybody in it is very important to Robin. 

He cares deeply about each of his friends, but for Starfire it is shown that Robin has romantic feelings for her. Everyone on the team can very well see their feelings for each other including the villains, but neither of them admitted their feelings until the movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. During the film, Robin expresses horror when Starfire kisses a random Japanese boy to learn Japanese. Later, he and Starfire talk and nearly-kiss twice, before they finally confess their true feelings for each other and actually kiss at the end of the film.


Pre-Teen Titans

Richard "Dick" Grayson was the son of skilled acrobats John and Mary Grayson; John was also the circus manager. Mary's special nickname for Dick was "Robin"; when Dick expressed embarrassment, John jokingly renamed him "the flying squirrel".

One day a crime Boss named Tony Zucco attempted to extort money out of the Flying Graysons, calling it "protection"; the Batman stepped in and arrests one of Zucco's brothers as Dick watches in awe. To "return the favor" of having broken up his crime family, Zucco kills Dick's parents by tampering with their trapeze ropes during a night performance in Gotham. Had the ropes held out longer, Dick would have swung on them and fallen to his death. Bruce Wayne from the audience watches the murder and Dick crying on the trapeze platform.

Dick then meets Bruce, who has paid for the Graysons' funeral costs and has decided to adopt Dick. Alfred, when Dick notices his guardian's constant absences, lectures Batman (who obsessively searches for Zucco) on being a better father to the boy. Alfred also hangs up a portrait of the Graysons over a fireplace, which Dick sleeps in front of after nightmares keep him awake. This habit leads him to find the Batcave, where he learns that Bruce Wayne is Batman. He also learns that Batman is going after Zucco and insists that he should track the man down. Bruce, however, doesn't even consider the issue.

Batman locates Tony Zucco, but the extortionist catches him off guard and straps him to a knife-throwing board. Dick (dressed in the circus costume he had mocked earlier with modifications and having found Zucco's hideout in the Batcave) stops Zucco from stabbing Batman in the heart, but lets his temper get the better of him when Zucco asks, "Didn't your parents teach you any manners?" allowing Zucco to beat him down with a juggling bat.

Batman breaks free and thoroughly beats Zucco, frightening the man to climb up the trapeze platform and fall out of fear. Dick saves Zucco, saying that he wanted him to get "justice" from the law. Batman, impressed with this ethical code, decides to take on Dick as a partner; Dick, in the memory of his parents, chooses the name "Robin".

Robin becomes Batman's "official partner" and sidekick, as well as his guardian's confidante.

Joining Teen Titans

Robin met up with Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven when Starfire came to Earth and started destroying the city. After a brief yet fierce confrontation where even the Boy Wonder appeared to meet his match, Robin helped Starfire get free from her chains. She then kissed him to learn English. Robin and the others teamed up to find her and later fought the aliens who came to find and imprison Starfire. Shortly after defeating them, Robin gave the others communicators and later created the Teen Titans and became the leader.

Abilities and Traits

Though Robin technically possesses no true superhuman powers, his courage, skill, experience, determination and personal strengths are enough to make him a highly formidable adversaries even for those with superhuman abilities. Having undergone an evidently vigorous and intensive training regimen under Batman, perhaps the world’s most skilled hand-to-hand combatant, Robin has exercised physical form to the pinnacle of human perfection, surpassing even the finest of athletes in combat proficiency and power, to such a scale that he has been called a "one-man army" by the Master of Games.

Intimidation: It is known that Robin has the ability to instill fear in others, even the people that know him best can be intimidated by him.

Master Acrobat: Excellent in gymnastics and acrobatics.

Peak Human Conditioning: Through intense training, Robin represents the pinnacle of human physical ability. His physical characteristics are greater than that of even an Olympic level athlete. His strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, senses and coordination are at peak human perfection as possible for one of his age, to improve even further with continued physical and mental growth.

Robin engages in intense regular rigorous exercise (including aerobics, weight lifting, gymnastics, and simulated combat) to keep himself in peak condition, and has often defeated opponents whose size, strength, or other powers are much higher than his own. He has spent his entire life in pursuit of physical perfection and has attained it through constant intensive training and determination, to the point that, in Apprentice Part 2, he is able to take on all of his teammates at once and beat them (this is particularly significant as he is not trying to hurt them.)

  • Peak Human Strength: He is arguably one of the "strongest" Non-metahumans on Earth. He has been seen punching out opponents that are larger than him and that are nearly invulnerable like Cinderblock. In the episode "The Quest", Robin is able to support a large about 800 pound bear guardian on his back.
  • Peak Human Reflexes: Robin's reflexes are amazing. He can leap large distances and he can dodge point blank projectile fire and has done so many times in the series.
  • Peak Human Speed: Robin is shown to be able to run at above average speed.
  • Peak Human Endurance: Robin's endurance is greater than any human shown in the series. Robin can go a long period of time without stopping and fixes himself on his work like in "Haunted" and "X".
  • Peak Human Agility: His agility is greater than that of an Olympic-level acrobat. He is shown to be able to scale the city buildings.
  • Peak Human Durability: Robin has been shown to be able to handle the worst hits and impacts without giving out.

Martial Arts Master: Robin is one of the finest human combatants on Earth, his skills honed to such a level even superhumans and armed adversaries can be overpowered by them. He has mastered several different martial arts styles from across the world, learned from the Dark Knight and the True Master. He even learned some alien martial arts from Blackfire in "Sisters".

Master of Stealth: Robin, despite the bright colors he wears, is a master at stealth, capable of breaching high security facilities with ease, without being detected.

Expert Marksman: Robin almost never misses a target with his various weapons.

Master Detective: Robin is an expert detective and logical thinker, able to solve cases before anyone else.

Master Tactician and Strategist: Robin comes up with excellent strategic plans to expose and defeat criminals, always aiming to "work smarter, not harder."

Escapologist: Robin is shown to be able to escape even the most elaborate of traps.

Tracking: Robin is shown to be able to pick up a criminal's trail long after any given crime.

Master of Disguise: Robin's Red X disguise fooled even the Teen Titans.

Expert Thief: Robin has shown that he's quick well at playing the role of a thief, as he had shown when he went around as Red X and when he had swiped X's belt in "X"

Expert Mechanic and Vehicle Driver: Excellent at motorcycle driving. Robin was also responsible for the creation of the high-tech Red X suit, capable of defeating multiple superhumans with ease, and he and Cyborg developed the T-Communicators. He has also used the Tower's own technology proficiently, including its computer and his own laptop.


Robin usually uses his R-Cycle in pursuits and for short-distance travelling (first seen in "Date With Destiny" chasing after Fang on a one-man pursuit). Robin also used a Glider which is built into a modified version of his costume; he uses this along with his R-Cycle to pick up speed and then jumps off to glide or (with flight thrusters built into the boots) achieve full flight capability. It can be noted that, multiple times throughout the series, Robin is carried by Starfire over short distances.


Robin's costume incorporates a cape made of high-density polymerized titanium that serves as flexible armor and has resilience to various kinds of high-intensity flame, even that generated by superhumans, such as Hot Spot. Robin's main melee weapon is a collapsible steel bo-staff of high durability, though on one occasion he has been known to use steel tonfas as well, and in some situations he can combine two birdarangs to produce a sword blade.

In addition, Robin wears a utility belt, which gives him access to a wide array of additional tools and weapons, including:

  • Disc Grenades with a variety of payloads (high explosives, freon, fire extinguishing foam, ice bombs)
  • Birdarangs
  • Grappling hook shooters
  • Lockpicks
  • Gas and smoke pellets
  • A collapsible bo-staff (possibly made from bi-structural steel alloy)

In Fractured his birdarang looked like a red batarang instead,


  • Dick's birthday is on March 6th.