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Episode 1: Infestation Part 1.

The Teen Titans are shocked to find extremly large bees! They find out that it's the work of Killer Moth, and a new villan, Honeycomb.

Episode 2: Infestation Part 2.

While the Teen Titans fight of hordes of bees and moths, Killer Moth and Honeycomb fight over who has more control of the city. This leads to Killer Moth acedently rewiring the bees programming to attack the moths! Will the the Titans be able to save the city from certain destruction?

Episode 3: Time and Time again.

Terra and Beast Boy get stranded in a alternate universe, where Robin didn't leave Batman until he became Nightwing and the Teen Titans didn't exist.

Episode 4: Power Driven.

Cyborg finds an extremly powerful ring that makes him grow stronger, tougher, and strangley, more human.But there's a catch, Cyborg doesn't know where the ring came from.

Episode 5: Dimension Travelers.

The Teen Titans meet Sally, a young woman,who was stranded in a dimensional Limbo zone. She reveals to them that they must travel through dimensions to find a sorcerer who is on the brink of destroying the fabric of reality.

Episode 6: Young Archer.

Starfire gets separated from the other Teen Titans, and then is attacked by an evil Slug monster. But an archer named Jonathan saves her,and tries to help her find the rest of the team.

Episode 7: Jealous.

When Jonathan and Starfire reunite with the other Titans, Robin gets annoyed at Jonathan's constant flirting. But when the two are forced to work togheter to save Starfire, they must put their differences aside.

Episode 8: Never again.

Terra is haunted by memories of Slade and asks Beast Boy for help. However, she must deal with her personal demons alone.

Episode 9: When Evil Takes Over.

When the Titans learn that to beat the sorcerer Cyborg will have to give up his ring. He refuses, but because of it, his evil side takes over and attempts to destroy the other Titans.

Episode 10: New Dawn.

Jonathan finds one of the rings, and attempts to bring it to Sally, but one the sorcerer intervenes,The Teen TItans must save him before its to late.

Episode 11: The Final Chapter Part 1.

The Teen Titans find the final ring, but then see it dissapear.The Titans track the ring down to a lost planet where they meet an old friend.

Episode 12: The Final Chapter Part 2.

Red Star attemps to assist the Titans in looking for the rings, but when it Is shown that Sally was the one who took them, they realize that she cannot be trusted.

Episode 13: The Final Chapter Part 3.

It turns out that Slade was the sorcerer, and nearly kills Robin with the power of the rings. But when Sally sacrificed herself to save them, they must get the rings back to the core before it is too late.

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