Silver upclose
Vital statistics
Real Name Silver Cloak
Aliases Silver
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Silver, Stories, Hanging out with other titans, Sleeping
Dislikes Pranks, His hair. The Brain II
Place of Origin ???
Residence ???
Relatives Gold Cloak(adoptive father)

Bronze Cloak (adoptive brother) Diamond Cloak (adoptive mother)

Allies Teen Titans
Enemies The Brain II
Affiliations Honary Titan
Powers & Abilities
Powers Making stuff come or go away from him, Making things levitate(including himself), Turning things to silver, Martial Arts Skills, Strong
Weaknesses ???
Equipment Twin Sai
First Appearance ...


He was adopted by Golden and Diamond Cloak. His parents were killed by the second Brain. He went to the same school as Raven. He met the Titans when he was fighting Gizmo and Mammoth. He becomes a Titan later on.


Silver got along with every single titan. He was very nice, but had anger issues. He extremely dislikes his hair due.

Silver no hood