Vital statistics
Real Name Daughter Daylight
Aliases Simma
Gender Female
Species Light elemental
Status alive
Alignment Neutral good
Likes Beaches, Nature, Stereotypical 'girly' things, bubblegum, fruit
Dislikes Fastfood,
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Unknown
Relatives Mother Earth, Father Time, Brother Water, Sister Animal
Allies Her family
Enemies None specifically
Affiliations Her family
Powers & Abilities
Powers Light and Darkness Manipulation
Weaknesses Stamina loss
Equipment Rainbow shield
First Appearance x


Daughter Daylight's appearance is a mere illusion, her true form is a light elemental. In her humanoid appearance, Daughter Daylight has short rainbow colored hair, tied back in a messy ponytail. She typically wears either a blue or golden hoodie with shorts with white sneakers. She usually wears a flower in her hair, too. She stands at 5'1" with pink eyes and dark skin.


Daughter Daylight is very protective. She's also s very happy, cheery person. Daughter Daylight is tranquil and peaceful most of the time as well. She is incredibly feminine, and enjoys typically "girly" activities.


Light Manipulation

Daughter Daylight is capable of manipulating and creating photons of light. By combining this power with her brother's water manipulation, it is possible to create rainbows.

Darkness Manipulation

Despite her name being "Daylight", she also has the ability to create and control darkness.


  • She is the youngest of her family.
  • Despite being thousands of years old, she is incredibly immature and childish.