Sister Animal
Sister Animal
Vital statistics
Real Name Sister Animal
Aliases Kitten, Hilaua
Gender female
Species True species unknown
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic good
Likes Reading, playing her lyre, long walks in forests, video games, practicing magic and combat
Dislikes Heights, drinking anything but water
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Unknown
Relatives Mother Earth,Daughter daylight,Brother water, Father Time
Allies Mother Earth,Daughter Daylight,Brother water,Father Time
Enemies None specifically
Affiliations Her family
Powers & Abilities
Powers Shapeshifting
Weaknesses Stamina loss
Equipment Blunt sword, potions, her lyre
First Appearance x


Sister Animal's humanoid appearance is a mere illusion; her true form is unknown. In her humanoid form, she has cat ears and teeth with red eyes. She had her orange hair trimmed short and often pinned back. She wears a brown coat and brown leather gloves. Under her coat, she wears a simple t-shirt, tied in a knot at the front. She wears brown balloon shorts, held up by a red bow. She typically either goes barefoot or wears leather boots. She always carried her bag with her, which carries a variety of potions, including potions to transform others into animals, healing potions, and potions which can alter features on someone, such as speed, strength, wisdom, etc.


Sister Animal can be described as "a sultry vixen", something she picked up after centuries of hanging around "the wrong crowd". She is very playful, yet also very protective. She can be usimply due to her playful nature.



Sister animal has the ability to flawlessly morph into any animal. This also gives her the ability of that animal. She must have available stamina to transform, however. If she is too tired, she cannot morph.


Blunt Sword

Sister Animal is a master in hand-to-hand combat. Her sword is her primary weapon of choice if she runs out of stamina.


She uses these potions to heal, regain stamina, help herself or harm her enemies.


  • She plays the lyre and harp.
  • She is the second oldest child of her family.
  • She was created after all conditions on earth were right for supporting life; she was born moments before the rest of life on earth was created.