Sonic Boom
Vital statistics
Real Name Jennifer Gate
Aliases Lonely Girl, The Sewer Screamer
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral
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Place of Origin Rockford, Illinois
Residence Coast City Sewers
Relatives Unknown
Allies None
Enemies Everyone
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Powers & Abilities
Powers High Sound
Weaknesses Fright of anything that gives out sound, blindness, naive
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Jennifer has long yellow hair, light-skin, wears a blind-fold, a tight black shirt, light brown pants and a pair of brown gloves. Her eyes are hidden behind the blind-folder, but used to be night blue.


Jennifer is scared of almost everything. When a mouse squeaks, she reacts as if someone just shot after her. She would be scared of the dark if she could see, but she is blind so it dosen't bother her. She likes to help people, even though she is afraid of them.


Jennifer was born into a loving family and had some pretty good friends during her childhood. She had over average grades and loved to try new things and walked up to strangers to talk to them about anything. The year she turned 11, her appartment was broken into and the thief stole all their money and everything else valuable. The next years, her parents struggled to get food and the rent for their apparment, because her parents' jobs didn't pay off so very good.

The year she turned 15, she wanted to help them and begged strangers for money. She met a man who said he'd pay her $1000 if she would agree to an experiment. She agreed and participated in the experiment. What the experiment was for is unknown, but the scientist injected different liquids into her neck. When he was done, he set loose a tiger in a room with her. She screamed and broke all the glass in the building, as well as killing the tiger. She quickly fled in fear of what more the scientist would do to her. When she got home, she found her parents lying dead in the kitchen. Again, she screamed and everything of glass exploded. When she got out, the scientist shot something at her. She duck, but it hit her head and she was now blind. She screamed a third time and ran past the paralized man. She fell into the sewers, where she could navigate herself with the help of the echo she made by walking. She settled down there with the hope that the scientist wouldn't find her.

Powers & Abilities

Sound: Jennifer is blind and can use the echo in the sewers to navigate herself around, like a bat.

  • Scream: Jennifer's most noteable power is her scream. When she screams, everyone who hears it gets paralized and if Jennifer screams high enough, they turn deaf.
  • Communicate: Jennifer is able to communicate with bats when she wants to, but is mostly afraid of them and therefor tries to avoid them. By adjusting her screams she can be able to send intended messages into a selected person's mind, without anyone around to notice anything other than her scream. This however takes a lot of training to master and she is currently not aware of it.