Location and Purpose

Tartarus is a horrible prison located deep below the island of Dabron. It's Major guardians are the huge being called Collosus that guards the front gate and the black being Nightmare the Head Jailer. It was designed to seal away all the darkness that would otherwise poison Astralagi's dimension. In tartarus the creatures are swallowed by their own darkness or it is sucked away by The Amalgamation purifying them. It hold numerous criminals from around Astralagi's cosmos, some even from earth. But most humans are never imprisoned below the 5th level.

Levels and Inmates

There are 13 levels in Tartarus, each farther down than the last and increasingly horrid. Each requiring a greater seal. The greater the number from 1-12 the more powerful the inmates. 13 is the level possessing the Amalgamation of Darkness, a pit that sucks in and absorbs all darkness from the upper levels. Levels 1-6 house human beings who have becom criminals, they are imprisoned on differnet levels depending on their crimes. Below level 6 there are monsterous inhuman being with great power, thay are sealed to prevent them from wreaking havoc. On Level 7 a race called the Vaa S'kii are sealed. They attempted the complete overthrough of the planet and were thusly sentenced. On Level 8 Monsters or Powerful animals are sealed to prevent them from wreaking havoc. On Level 9 horrid demons are sealed. The levels with two digits are the most dangerous. On Level 10, mutated demonic creatures of death and plague created by Pryok are sealed. On Level 11, the son of Ragnarok, Fafnir, and the Dark Generals of Ragnarok and Miasma are sealed. But Level 12 has but 3 inmates only. Pryok, the Titan of Death, Miasma Nightmare, and Ragnarok Grey, Miasma's ultimate creation. They are the most powerful evil beings ever to wander a dimension and it is only by the combined powers of all the tians, the Titans scale, and Astralagi, that they can be sealed.