Teen Titans

Souls Bond another universe...

A great battle raged in a far of cosmos between a grotesque green creature with hundreds of glowing red eyes and a mage like figure with blue hair and mystical-looking armor.

"You can't defeat me, I have all your powers!" the creature called with a horrible squelching laugh.

With that the creature created a blade of pure darkness, making a swipe for the mage.

The mage responded by creating a metalic barrier, but the blade passed straight through the shield and embedded itself in the mages side.

"Hahaha! Your powers are waning, soon you will be dead and it will be me who is in control of this universe." the creature gurgled.

The mage winced in pain as he waved his had over the injury. There was a flash of greenish black as the wound began to heal.

"I will not tolerate chaos in my universe, Miasma. But you are fortunate that I used to much power fending off the beasts you released from Tartarus..." the mage gasped.

"Aw, that's too bad. Now DIE!" the creature screeched as the blade came down towards the Mage once more. But as it did it was blocked by a great metalic Drill.

"What!?" the creature growled in frustration.

"You didn't let me finish, Miasma, I may have exhausted my strenght, but their power has yet to be tapped." the mage said referring to 14 powerful spirits which had suddenly appeared to protect him, one of which was huge and metalic and had blocked the blade of darkness with no effort at all.

"You may have the masters powers..." the metalic spirit said.

"But he as us." said a feminine crystaline spirit.

"The TITAN'S SCALE!" a powerful dragon-like spirit roared.

"Hahaha, so what. I'll KILL YOU ALL!" the creature roared as he summoned all of his power. but as he went to release his power, he found himself unable to move. In fact he had been sealed inside a complex crystaline prism.

"Ah, you Prism Chamber, do you really think this will hold me?" the creature roared as he began to crack the shell of the prism.

"It has done what it was meant to do." the mage said monotonely.

The creaure looked up to see the mage conjuring a great orb, being fed in size and power by the combined elements of the spirits.

"NO!" the creature roared in anger as if blasted out of the prison flinging all of it's energy at the mage.

"It is too late, Miasma, my brother, you...have lost." the mage said without emotion. With that he released the orb which plowed though the creatures darkness, completely nullifying it as it raced towards it's target without fail.

A powerful interstellar explosion rocked the cosmos as the ball hit home. As the plasma cleared all that remained of the creature was a black whisp, small fragments of green flesh, and a disembodied glowing red eye.

"!" the whisp roared with psionic power. " can you be so powerful!? I have all of your powers, I weakened your temperence, I set up the most infalible plan, I swallowed the Amalgamation, yet still you defy me!"

"This is my universe, Miasma. Darkness will never prevail here." the mage said exhausted, "Now all that's left is to re-seal you as the new Amalgamation. Back inside the Tartarus where you will never again threaten the balance of my cosmos."

"NO! NEVER!! I WON"T BE SEALED AWAY IN THAT HELL!!!" the whisp roared with psionic power far greater than anything anyone could conjure in such a state. The blast startled the mage and his spirits and as they reclaimed their ground they saw the horror slipping into a rift in space and time.

"No!" the mage yelled at it's escape and quickly made chase.

"If you can traverse dimensions than so can I!" the whisp roared back at him. "You have not seen the last of me, I will haunt you every time you close your eyes. And when you least expect it, I will return and eliminate you, as you tried to eliminate me. But until the day comes for me to dethrone you, oh great and mighty "creator", I will take refuge in the one place you fear...


The mage stopped cold allowing the rift to close, the horror, escaping.

"Master, are you all right?" a bluish serpent-like spirit said.

"He's going to earth." the mage said quietly.

"Earth?" some of the spirits called in unison.

"What's the matter, he no longer plagues our worlds, he is banished."

"But on Earth he will grow far stronger. The beings there constantly war with each other, hatred is very common. He will feed on those emotions and oneday, he will defeat me." the mage said downhearted.

"But you have us. you cannot possibly lose." said a genie-like spirit.

"But the Earth has the same elements as this universe, all of them, that's how I designed this world. If his powers are the same as mine, he may very well create a Titan's Scale of his own." the mage said frightened. "I have no choice, I must go after him."

"But sire, you haven't left this universe since it's creation, without you the universe will collapse." said a feminie tree-like spirit.

"But if I don't destroy him for good, he will eventually destroy us all. The universe will be fine, you will balance it out, that is why I made you." the mage said.

"But sir, you don't have enough Temperence, you may not survive the trip." A male Tree-like spirit said.

"Heal me then. I must not let him go." the mage said exhausted.

"Master..." the dragon spirit said as it looked into the mage's eyes, "Will will do as you command. I will take your place while you are gone."

The two tree-like spirits and the feminie crystaline spirit surrounded the mage. A bright light flashed and he began to heal if only a little. When the healing was done the spirits acknowledged their creator.

"Come back safely." the crystaline spirit said.

"I will, good bye, my children of the cosmos." the mage said. and with that he swiped his rod through the space and created a rift. He hesitated for a moment before diving in. As he flew through the rift towards an alternate reality he thought of only one thing.


Back on Earth.

It was roughly one year since the fall of Trigon. Yet still the Teen Titans were getting busy. Robin was on the comunicators talking to several other Titans, Cyborg was going over what looked like blueprints or instructions, and Starfire and Beast boy were busy running around with bags of food or odd ornaments (in Starfire's case).

Suddenly the door opened and Raven walked in; as she did everything seemed to stop abruptly. Raven noticed this.

"What's going on?" she asked in her usual tone.

"Uh, nothin'!" Cyborg said innocently.

Instantly all the things the other Titans were working on simply vanished, or in other words the other Titans tried to hide them as best they could.

"Okay." Raven said raising an eyebrow as she walked back out of the room.

"Phew!" all of the other Titans said in unison.

"Do ya think she's figured it out yet?" Beast boy asked, a bit scared.

"No, I don't think she really minds." Robin said.

"It's just her friends doing odd things that's all." Cyborg said.

"I hope this all pays off." Beast boy said as he pulled a bag of groceries etc. out of the oven.

Suddenly the room was filled with red light as a warning sound went off.

"Uh oh, trouble." Cyborg said.

"The preparations will have to wait." Robin said as they ran out of the room.

As the Titans reached the city they found many cars and other objects strewn about all over the place.

"What did this?" Starfire asked.

"It would have to be pretty big." Robin said.

Suddenly there was a rumbling, and around the corner came a giant. But this was no ordinary giant, this one seemend to be made of wood and moss.

"What is that thing!?" Cyborg asked.

"Don't know, but it's gotta go down." Robin said throwing some exploding disks at it. They hit home but didn't do much damage.

It certainly got the beasts attention though as it wheeled around and pointed it's arm at the Titans. Suddenly, numerous vines erupted from its hand, entangling Robin. The beast roared and flung its toy straight up into the air.

"Robin!" Starfire caled as she soared straight up to catch him.

"Yo, mulch boy!" Cyborg yelled, "You can't do that to my friend!" He yelled firing his sonic cannon. Raven aided by picking up multiple objects with her powers and hurling them at the monster.

The force of a semi-trailer exploding via sonic blast pushed the beast back, and as it looked up it saw a prehistoric Tyranosaurus tearing straight for it.

The force slammed the monster into a building, Beast Boy then ripping off its arm with his gigantic teeth.

"Ha ha, lose something?" He joked as he returned to normal.

The Titans regrouped as they closed in on the beast.

"All together now!" Robin called. But just as they were about to attack, the beast roared and sprouted numerous vines from it's torn shoulder. The vine swirled and fused until it had entirely regrown it's arm.

"Oh that's not good." Cyborg said.

"It can regenerate!" Robin yelled.

"Dude that is so unfair." Beast Boy complained.

"Since when have villains ever been fair." Raven remaked.

As the beast loomed over them a blast of lightning knocked it back. The Titans turned around, expecting to see Thunder and Lightning, but instead a different figure blew by them. When he landed befor the beast the Titans saw he was about Beast Boys hight, but he had Blue hair and Blue skin with pointed ears. He wore a mystical looking mantle and carried a glowing green staff.

"So, your next." the being said a bit angrily.

As the beast got up to respond their was a flash of white and suddenly it's arm was frozen solid in six inches of ice. The weight of the ice snapped off the beasts arm.

"Be careful. It can regenerate." Robin proclaimed. As he did the beast regrew it's lost arm and started for the figure again.

A flash of red burst from the figure as four streaks of flame ran down the street and up the beasts body. some of the beast ignited, as it did the beast called out in pain.

"Fire staves off your regenerative powers doesn't it?" the figure said holding out his staff before him, the he called out, "Embodiement of Inferno, here my cry. Lend me your power so that I may envelope my enemies in your burning wrath."

With that the figure waved his hand over the staff and fire began to encircle it. As it dispesred a large Great Axe with a Crimson Jewel stood in it's place.

The figure rushed for the beast, the beast tried to counter but the figure dodged gracefully swinging the axe up hard. As he did the jewel glowed bright red and a large trail of flame folloed the blade as it cut through the beast body. The figure landed several feet away from the burning creature as it exploded in fire pieces of it's burning body flying everywhere.

The Titans stared mesmerized as the being reverted it's axe back to normal and began to walk away, just as an unburned piece of the creature hit ground and took root.

The titans all called out that that was amazing as the beast fully regenerated, as it loomed over the Titans, Beast boy looked up, his mouth dropping.

"Um, dude?" Beast boy said shaking Robins shoulder and pointing up.

The figure turned back to glare at the beast. He mumbled a few word and suddenly tossed his staff which transformed into a Chakram mid flight as it soard for the beast slicing off it's newly regrown arm.

The Titan's fell silent realizing the beast ahad completely reegrown, but watching the chakram circle the beast at faster and faster speeds. Suddenly the wind picked up as it swirlded with the Chakram creating a mini-tornado.

"Hurricane Chakram!" the figure caleld as it blew past the Titans once more. Next came a flash of red as the four streak of flame conected with the tronado.

The titans were blown backwards as the mini-tronado begam a Fire Tornado, completely engulfing the beast in flames.

The beast roared it's final roar as it burnt into ash. The tornado died down ans the flames vanished as the Chakram returned to it's owner, turning back into a staff.

As the Titans looked toward the figure to thank him and ask him his name, he was gone.

"Who was that guy?" Beast Boy asked a bit puzzled.

'Yeah, he was cool." Cyborg called.

"I don't think he wanted us to know." Robin said looking at the sky.

As the figure flew of he landed slowly. He coughed a bit and fell to his knees.

"I used...too much ...Temperance." he said as he stumbled forward.

Back at the Tower

"Dude, that guy was so awesome! Right Raven!" Beast boy cheered as he walked through the door.

"Whatever." Raven replied.

"Who do you think he was?" Starfire asked.

"I've never seen him before." Cyborg said.

"I don't know, but he helped us, I think. He must be a good guy." Robin said searching through the Database. "What's more pressing is what the thing we were fighting was. We couldn't even slow it down, and he got rid of it without much effort. What is he."

The Titan's fell silent, with the exception of Raven who left the room shortly after. When she did Beast Boy jumped silently and everyone went back to preparing for whatever they were preparing for.

Raven sat in her room, meditating. As she did she thought. She remembered seing flashes of light whenever the figure attacked. Reemmbering the fight now, she slowed it down mentally. Then she made an alarmind discovery.

"Runes, He was using Runes. He's... a mage." Raven said a bit calmly, though the thought of another mage in Jump city was a bit exciting. But why was it exciting, Raven never got anxious for anything, but now she wanted to see the mage again. Why?

As night flowed into day, Raven began to stir as light began to stream into her relatively dark room, wait light, but her room is dark. Raven had not only awoken to the light, but also to the sound of her window breaking as a figure flew through it back first and landed on he bookshelf.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" Raven yelled in surprise as she covered herself in her blanket for some reason.

The figure took little notice of her and instead blasted back out the window. As Raven slowly got up too look out the window, she saw a huge water creature in the harbor near the tower.

"Raven, are you all right!" Robin called from behind the door.

Suddenly the door crashed down and Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Robin rushed in.

"What's the mater, we heard a crash and then you screamed." Robin called trying to get Ravens attention.

"Uh, dude." Cyborg said pointing out the window at the beast.

"Oh no!" Robin said.

The figure flew over the liquid beast, a flash of yellow preceeded a blast of lightning which struck the beast hard.

"Gyoooooooooooo!" the beast roared in pain. Then it's formless face with but a single red eye morphed into the face of an angler fish and shot out at the figure.

As the rushing water came at the figure he waved his hand and the water dispersed before him. Then there was another flash of yellow light and another blast of lightning struck the creature.

Suddenly a blast from a sonic cannon tore though the liquid beast shoulder. The Titans stood valiantly on a nearby bridge ready to fight. The figure noticed this and was apparently not pleased.

"Stay out of this, this is my fight." the figure called.

"Chill man we just wanna help." Cyborg said.

The figure responded with a flash of pink light as hexagonal aether pieces spun together to create a barrier of light keeping the Titans on the bridge.

"Raven, get us through." Robin called.

Raven put her hands on the barrier and used her magic to separate the tiles allowing them to pass through. Again, the figure noticed this.

"What part of "Stay Back" do you not understand!" the figure called in rage.

"Look out!" Robin called. The figure looked back too late, an enormous liquid tentacle slammed into him sending him flying before he hit the water.

As the figure looked up he saw a spiked liquid mace coming down at him. Just before it slammed into him Raven stepped between them and created a dome shield and the water slammed into the dome.

"Feh!" the figure said.

As he spoke a freezing disk struck the beasts tentacle, freezing it solid. Then a green laser sliced it's arm off.

"Yeah, Take that Lugie Man!" Cyborg yelled.

The beast didn't care, it's liquid mass simply regenerated.

"Aw, dude, not this one too!" The beast turned it's attention towards the Titans as the figure stood up, and walked along the water brushing past Raven.

"So you use the nearby water to regenerate and grow. My, your getting smart, but...a fish out of water... dies." the figure said as he waved his hand. When he did there was a flash of blue light and suddenly, to all of the Titans eyes, the water around the beast parted and raised up so the beast sat on a dry bed of sand.

The figure raised his hand again forming a light of greenish-black color, and immediatly from the sand numerous vines grew to entangle the beast.

The beast yelled in pain as the vines drained way water from it's body.

"Now to end this." the figure said waving his hand over his staff again. This time he called a different chant. "Embodiment of Strorms, hear my plea. Grant my thine power, that I make strike down my foe!" As he chanted lightning began to swirl his staff, when it vanished, bith of his arms were armored in blade fitted gauntlets.

The figure claped his hands togeter and sparks flew from his hands. As they did a large rune formed beneath the beast and storm cloud began to circle the battle field. The mage raised his hands and an enormous bolt of lightning decended onto the beast.

All the Titans, especially raven, stood in awe at the sight of such a large beast being severely electrocuted.

As the lightning vanished the beast slumped but so did the figure. He began to cough heavily, but only Raven seemed to notice.

As the other Titans cheered the beast lifted his head and roared. Suddenly two water spouts erupted from the side walls and flew towards the figure. The figure was too exhausted to move and took the hit directly, being flung deep under water.

"NO!" Starfire called.

"Beast Boy, get him!" Robin called.

"Right." Beast boy called diving into the water taking the shape of a whale. he manuevered around the beast, found the figure and closed his mout around him. As he did, Raven Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg began an all-out asasult on the liquid beast, but too little avail.

Inside Beast Boys mouth the figure stirred.

"Enough!" he growled as he waved his hands over his gauntlets and mumbled a few words. Indigo whisps began to swirl the gauntlets until they had become a Kendama.

The figure concentrated and suddenly...vanished.

"?" Beast boy thought reverting back to normal, "But I just had him, where's he go?"

The figure teleported to the battle field in a floating, legs-crossed position. He stared the creature down and roared, "Escape from this!" as his Kendama glowed Indigo.

Suddenly a Gravity Well opened beneath the monster sucking it down, but another opened above the beast. Out of both portals flashed a bolt of indigo lightning that met together right inside the beast. The cobined attack created a black hole that began to expand absorbing the creature. Starfire went to touch it, but the figure called out. "Touch it and you'll die too."

The black hole ball expanded until it's edges hit the gravity wells completely absorbing the beast, then the gravity wells began to suckin the black ball until it begame a black column, then slowly the wells began to close and the column began to narrow, fianly becomin a thin line that colapsed into a small pea-sized orb that popped with great intensity. The beast was gone.

The figure looked on with a grin, then his Kendama returned to normal, as it did, it fell into the water, the figure with it. He had fallen unconscious and as he fell the water he had parted began to flow back over him. The Titans watching in horror.

The figure looked up to see an odd ceiling over him.

"Oh, where am I..." the figure groaned. As he did he noticed his staff was gone. "Gah, wheres my staff! Where's My armor? What's going ON!" He called frantically leaping off the couch in the Titan's tower.

AS he did the door opened and he heard a voice.

"Oh, good, your awake." Starfire said as the group walked in.

"Humans." the figure thought. "Why did you bring me here, what do you want?"

"Please, don't get up, you are still injured." Starfire said going to touch the figure, but he pulled back as if in fear.

"Don't touch me! You don't know how I heal, It's only a matter of some rest and I'll be fine." the figure said angrily.

"At least tell us who you are." Robin asked.

"It's none of your concern." the figure said arrogantly.

"What! Dude you were fighting a giant monster outside our house, it is so totaly our concer!" Beast Boy yelled.

"We saved your life!" Cyborg said angrily.

"Feh." the figure scoffed.

"Then at least ell us what those things were." Robin said diplomatically.

"Why is it any of your business?" the figure asked.

"They attacked Jump City, it is our job to protect it."

"You don't need to know, It's my problem." the figure said.

"Why don't you let us help?" Starfire asked.

"I don't need help from humans." the figure said in a sad mixed with scarerd tone. "Just give me my Staff, and my Robes and I will go."

The Titans were stunned. But allowed him to leave. As he passed Robin said quietly.

"Raven will show you the door, sorry for imposing."

The figure followed Raven to the door. Raven kept looking at him dissapointedly. It meant no matter to him, she was just another hating human.

As she opened the door he began to walk out but she spoke.

"I know who you are." she said.

"No you don't." the figure said calling her bluff.

"Your right, but i'm a little dissapointed that the first mage I've met in a long time is such a jerk." Raven said attempting to make the figure feel guilty.

"I'm no mage." the figure said. Then he turned to Raven. "Thanks for the Hospitality."

Raven didn't know if he had said that meaning it or was just reassuring her and her friends. After he said this he flew off. Raven was left to wonder who he was and so ran to her room and began searching through her books.

Two Days Later

It didn't take long for another monster to attack the city, this one was made of Stone, and like the others, the figure was there.

"Come on!" the figure said.

As hed did the beast summoned huge stone boulders and hurled them all at the figure. Though he dodged most of them suddenly there was a flash of silver light and the boulders suddenly shattered. The figure appeared wearing a metalic armor with drills on his hands.

The figure wound back and fired one of the drills which soared toward the beast smashing into it's shoulder.

The beast roared in anger, than ripped a chunk out of a building preparing to hurl it at the figure but suddenly a sonic blast shattered the proojectile and it rained down onto the beast.

"Aw Yea! something I can hit!" Cyborg called.

The figure turned in anger once more.

"Go, this is my resposibility ALONE!"

As he said this a huge stone fist slammed into him sending him flying.

when he landed he looked up to see a huge stone spike flying toward him. but suddenly a black wall formed and the stone smashed against it.

"Why don't you just swallow your pride and let us help." Raven asked from behind the barrier.

The figure looked through the barrier to see the fight.

Beast boy had slammed the beast with a the tail of an Ankylosaurus knocking it into a building. blasts from Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin followed.

The beast shook them off roaring in anger and suddenly multiple lage stone spikes erupted from the ground.

"Whoa!" Cyborg yelled as he nearly escaped being impaled.

The spikes were quickly cleared by starfires eye beam but then the titans saw theat the beasts had curled into a huge ball. It shot straight for them smashing everything in it's path.

"I got this!" Cyborg called as he grappled the huge boulder. But as he did he found it to much to hold back.

Starfire flew down and helped but it only slowed it down a little. Beast boy turned into an Apatosaurus to use his weight to stap it but again it the ball kept rolling, but finally it stopped. Then suddeny it violently exploded sending all the titans back. After it's explosion the stones that made up it's body repared themselves.

"How do we stop this thing!?" Robin called to the figure.

"You don't, I do!" the figure called. As he did he flew through the barrier Raven had constructed leaving Raven fuming. He approached the beast and wound back, then he fire numerous liquid metal needles that sprouted from his armor. The beast notisces this and stomped the ground flipping up the pavement to deflect the streaming metal and send it like a wall. crashing into the figure.

As the figure got up two giant stone hands swung around both sides and slammed to gether around him.

As the stone hands let go, the bloodied figure stumbled and fell. He listened quitely to the sound of battle and thought.

"Blast...I can't kill it. I.. used...too much temperance...I have no choice."

With anger he cried out...

"ALLLLLLLLLLLL RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!" he screamed as he did the battle seemed to stop.

"T...take out it's j..joints." the figure gasped, "But don't strike the head!"

"All right!" robin said as he and the other titans began wailing on the Tiants smallest parts, it's jo0ints and one by one the stones burst. Each time the besat roaring in pain and loosing even more mobility.

finally the beast remained barely mobile and roaring in anger, but still alive.

"It's still..."cyborg began to say but suddenly the figure rushed past them all and lept into the air.

As he cme down on the beast he called out...

"Darkbronze Drill!"

As he strruck the beasts head the spiraling drill on his hand expanded and boared a hole straight through the beasts head and chest allowing the figure to pass straight through. When he landed the Ttians watched the beasts limbes go limp the stones began to fall of and suddelny it disispersed as a huge cloud of rock and sand fell to the ground, the beast, defeated.

Staring through the dust the Titans saw the figure unconcious once agin. His hand firmly gripped to his staff.

The figure woke up with a start. He did not know where he was or what had happenend. So as not to arouse suspicion he looked around the room subtly. He saw he was in some kind of frilly bed, but there were several odd machines surrounding him making all sorts of beeping noises. He then realized that his staff and robes were missing again, but further inspection of the roon revealed them to be neatly folded in the corner. Then he neard talking outside the room and he strained to listen.

"I'm sorry Beast Boy but he needs his sleep and we had nowhere else to put him." said a familiar voice.

"Yeah dude, did you expect him to get better sleeping on the couch?" said another.

"Yeah, but why does he have to sleep in Terra's room. why not put him in Ravvens room, they look like they'd get along." said a third.

After this there was a resouding smack followed by the third voice yelling "OW!"

"Hey Raven." the first voice said.

"I guess it's my turn to check on him, a forth, raspier voice said with an exasperated tone.

"Yeah." the first voice said.

"Oh I do hope he is not angry with us." said a fifth very feminine voice.

With that the figure played possum as the door opened and Raven walked in. She walked by several of the monitors, checking each one, then suddenly she felt a hand grasp her clpoak. She wheeled around ready to strike to see the figure laying there.

"Why?" the figure asked. "Why, help me?"

Raven's temper faded and she looked into the figures eyes. Then she spoke.

"We're the Teen Titans, that's what we do."

The figure looked away, thinking about many things then finaly he said...

"Thank you."

Raven paused for a moment, realizing that the figure had swallowed his pride, not knowing it was the first time in several thousand years.

"Don't mention it...Astralagi." she said.

At this the figure perked up, he wheeled around to ask her how she knew just in time to watch her open the door and say...

"He's awake."

As she said this four heads attempted to shove through the door at the same time. suddenly cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin, and Starfire flooded into the room and began to barrage the figure with questions.

"I'm interested to hear what those things were and how you fought them." Robin asked amongst the noise.

"Who are you, where do you come from, what is your favorite color, and do you wish to be my friend?" Starfire spazzed.

"Dude you were so awesome, the way you handled that monster was so cool!" Cyborg yelled.

"Dude you kinda look like me, except your blue, can you turn into animals too?" Beast Boy said poking the figures ears.

As the throng of questions just kept coming, the figure freaked out and lunged toward the ceiling not knowning he was tied to the machines. The line went taught slamming him back onto the bed, he rolled off onto the floor wrapped up in sheets and pillows. As he struggled to pop his head out of the ball of blankets etc. he found that the questions just kept coming.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he yelled before falling unconscious again.

"Oh no, guys I think we killed him." Beast Boy said as everyone went silent.

Meanwhile Raven was locked in her room again reading an ancient tome.

"Astralagi...I never thought I'd actually meet you. Why did you return?"

The Meeting Room

Robin and the other Titans waited patiently for the figure to wake up again. They believed that their barrage of questions simply suprised him. this time they would wait for trivial things and ask him only one question as a group.

Finaly his door hopened and to their surprise he stood there wearing his robes and leaning on his staff as though it were a cane.

Before the Titans could speak the figure spoke.

"I thank you for your hospitality...perhaps the mental state of this race has changed a bit in the last couple thousand years. I'm sure you all want to know who I am...I suppose you ought to known now." the figure said shakily.

The four Titans looked at each other then at the figure.

"All right." Robin said as he led them to the briefing room.

The figure sat on the floor in a cross legged fashion. He then uttered a few word and their was a flash of greenish black and he began to heal.

The Titans stared at him for a bit, thenhe got up.

Robin started first.

"Who are.." He went to say but before he could finish the door to the briefing room opened and Raven floated in.

"I know who he is." she said.

Everyone including the figure looked at her puzzled.

"His name is Astralagi." she said matter-of-factly. "He's a God"

None said anything then the figure sighed.

"Indeed, I am Astralagi. But I am no god." the figure said.

"Wait... who are you?" Beast Boy asked.

"Why not let her explain, since she figured it out somehow anyway." Astralagi said exasperated

Raven nodded then began Stralagi's tale by telekineticaly calling an ancient tome to her hand and opening it's dusty pages with her mind.

"Many thousands of years ago, here on Earth, the small countries that made it up were constantly at war...Never did a day go by where a battle was not fought. As you can guess it was a horrible and bloody world, full of hatred and darkness. But even in the darkest world there is some ray of hope. A young child whose family had been murdered because of the war began a group to promeote peace. and for a time there were moderately successful. They traveled from country to battle scarred country trying to get people to stop fighting...but one foolish warlord thought them a militaristic threat...and in the dead of night...massacred all but a handful of the movements 10,000 members...among them was it's founder who had alread suffered too much pain. He finaly turned his back on Humanity. He used ancient magic to escape Earth and travel to another dimmension...with him gone the movement fell apart, it's remaining members scattering to the winds. Eventually the wars died down as new lands were conquered, and their wars forgotten as time went on. Noone knew what happened to the child." Raven read.

"When I was being raised on Azarath a portal opened and a mystical armor clad being set foot in the temple. The monks shooed me out so they could speak to him. They called him Astralagi, King of a Higher Plane. Later I asked them what they meant, they said long ago a child had entered a realm of nothingness and, using magic, he had shaped his own universe."

"Azarath..." Astralagi said quietly..."Yes, I remeber...I went there years ago, wondering what had ever happened to the planet of my birth. I trusted the Monks of Azarath. But then..."

"Trigon..." Raven said quietly.

As the two mages sat quietly the other Titans sat in wonder, minds blown by the fantastical story they had just heard.

"But miss, that story is incomplete..." Astralagi finaly said..."There is more you don't know...I indeed am the child of Peace from Earth, but that was thousands of years ago. In my universe things are all too different, there are no wars, no poverty, no evil...or at least there wsan't. Shortly after shaping my universe I came to hate my humanity, believing that the darkness in my own heart would lead to my I cast it off, forsaking my heritage. The darkness of my humanity, however, festered in the bowels of my cosmos and became a sentient being of it's own. It concocked an evil scheme to destroy me that almost worked. I defeated the beast but it escaped to Earth. Fearing it would grow stronger I followed it, but I used to much Temperance and as you can see have yet to find the creature Miasma Nightmare."

"So those monsters you were fighting..." Robin asked.

"Yes, they are his creation, twisted replica's of my Titan's Scale." Astralagi said.

Again the Teen Titans stood confused.

Raven however asnswered them.

"The Titan's Scale was a mythical group of elemental Beings created by Astralagi to ensure balance in his dimension. Each represented and controled one of the thirteen elements."

"Correct, so far I have encountered a false Lightning, Wind, Shadow, Metal, Earth, Water, and Stone Titan. The later three of which you witnessed. I have knowledge of at least one more. Hopefully, by defeating them all I will learn Miasma's Location."

Astralagi fell silent and the Titans all looked at each other.

"It seems however that my powr is severly weakened here in theis dimension. So I must ask you "Teen Titan"s, will you help me." Astralagi asked.

The Titans stood shocked. A creator and ruler of another universe had swallowed his pride to ask the Teen titans for help...that must have taken quite a bit of guts.

"We will." Robin said with gusto.

"Yeah man, like we'd leave ya hangin!" Cyborg said.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy called.

"Thank you, but I warn you, he has powers like mine and he will not be easy to defeat. Before leaving my dimension he swallowed the "Amalgamation of Darkness", a huge pit that absorbs all the evil from my universe, he now has all the powers an every horrid creature in my cosmos." Astralgi said a bit down cast

"Don't worry, we defeated Trigon, I'm sure we can defeat him." Raven said lending Astralgi a had to help him up.

"heheheh...Quite a feat. I was right to trust you then. Thank you...friends." Astralgi said shaking Raven's hand.

The entire group smiled then Beast Boy interupted the moment...

"Uh dude, you said you...uh..forsook you humanity or something...what does that mean."

"It means he's not human anymore." Raven said a bit annoyed.

"Well then what is he, he kinda looks like me, exept, ya know, bluer." Beast Boy said.

The entire group exept Astralagi groaned. Then Astralagi spoke.

"You pose an interesting question. What am I...? I guess I don't really know. I'm not human, so what am I...I guess I never really thought about it." he laughed.

As he did so did the other Titans.

"So then, this is your enemy, what do we do now." Robin asked.

Astralagi thought for a second.

"Searching for him would yield little results and by now he realizes he may be down to his last Titan. We should wait for it to attack if it does...besides, I'm not battle ready yet." Astralagi said as his stomach growled. "I hate to impose but I have no more temperance, without it I cannot fight, and I can only replenish my Temperance with rest and nurishment."

Robin laughed at this.

"No problem." He said.

"Thank you." Astralgi said. "Thank you, Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, Thank you."

"Wait how did you know our names!?" Beast Boy said as all of the Titans but Raven jumped back a bit stunned.

"I'm Astralagi...I can do that." Astralagi smiled.

Raven just laughed and then everyone laughed.

Over Jump City

It hadn't taken long for Astralagi to recover his Temperance and to become completely healed. In that time he came to know the Teen titans individually. He also learned the current condition of the human race. Once during a fight with Johny Rancid Robin said...

"Normal people just do have the stregth, physically or moraly to stop oppression, It's our job as heros and guardians to protect the people."

Astralagi had bonded with robin in a comrade leader like way. Robin explaining the worlds current stae and then sharing leadership advice. Astralagi in turn aided them and told him of his world and his role in it.

Astralagi bonded with Cyborg whose technology was far more advanced that anything he had ever seen. He tried to beond with Beast Boy whose antics quickly annoyed him though he kept a calm nature.

He also bonded with Starfiree, whose strange tamaranian food tasted very good to him. And whose alien akwardness was easily relatable.

But most of all he bonded with Raven. Both of them performing magical spells of different strengths trying to impress of teach each other. Odd as it was, Astralagi had felt that it was Raven who understood him the most.

Raven thought all of this as the six flew over Jump City. As it hadn't taken long for the team to bond with their new friend, it hadn't aken long for other villains to attack the city, this time a giant beast made entirely of flame stood before them.

"That must be his rendition of Hinote, Titan of Flame." Astralagi called so the others would hear him over the beasts roar.

"What do we do?" Starfire asked.

"Yeah we've fought a fire monster before, it wasn't easy!" Cyborg called.

Astralagi thought for a moment.

"Robin, Beast Boy I need you to help get every one to Safety. Strafire, Cyborg, only magic can defeat magic, however, energy is this creatures weapon, try to hit him from long range but be carfeful, he may not be tangible. Raven, your with me."

With that the Titans split up, Astralagi and Raven taking the frontlines. As they did Astralagi waved his hand over his staff and called out.

"Current of Life. Ever flowing River, Guardian of Seas lend me your power!" Astralagi called as water surrounded his staff. When it dissipated he held a Halberd with blue ribbons trailing it and a saphire embedded in the blade.

"Raven help me hold it back!" Astralagi called.

"Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" Raven called comanding the stone and earth below the streets to form a makeshift wall/wave to block the beast.

"Now then, shall we begin?" Astralagi called spinning his halberd in the air suddenly water rushed from the atmosphere into the pike then out of the pike in the form of a dragon.

"Sea Serpents Creed!" Astralagi called.

As the water hit the beast it seemed to take a effect. The beast roared, but it wasn't in pain.

"No!" Raven called in anger, realizing that the beast had super heated the water attack to the point of evaporation.

"Blast!" Astralagi called.

The beast roared again and created a ball of magma and flame with the intent of hurling it at the two, but suddenly a combined blast of Green light and sonic blast struck the ball, causing it to explode in the beasts hands.

"Hey, Match stick! Forget about us!" Cyborg roared.

The beast roared turning it's attention to Cyborg and Starfire.

"Whoa boy!" Cyborg called.

Then the beast vomited up a blast of magma which headed straight for the two.

"eeeeeeeeeeee!!" Starfire called.

But then she realized the magma hadn't hit them. There stood Raven holding it back with her shield.

"This should give him enough time." she murmured.

"It was then that they realized the sky had grown darker, it had begun to rain.

Astralagi had beeen mumbling a spell then he suddenly opened his eye. As he did a huge tidal wave erupted around him.

"Behold, Leviathan Tidal Wave!" Astralagi called as a huge tidal wave flowed through the city and struck the beast with much force. But as it did a white cloud of steam billowed out from it. As the steam and strom cleared the team was shocked to see the beast unharmed.

"Impossible, that was my most powerful Water attack!" Astralagi yelled.

With that the beast back handed Astralagi sending him flying into a building.

"Astralagi!" Raven called.

Somewhere in the City a human looked on at the fight.

"Fool, I figured you'd try Water attacks against Efreet. That's why I made him like a living sun."

Astralagi emerged from the building half encased in a decaying bubble. "I'm alright!" he declared.

"I see, his body temperature was made to be deliberately higher that Hinote's so water would only minimally affect him. Well then...time to battle, heat with cold." Astralagi thought.

Astralagi slammed his staff down onto the building and begana chant.

"Guardian of Ancient Snow hear my plea, for it is with great shmae that I call on thee. My pow'r alone has been all for naught, please lend me yours great juggernaut. I offer up to you this acient prayer, Furosuto of Ice, I do declare!" Astralagi chanted.

As he finished the incantation a powerful white light flashed followed by a burst of cold air and snow, ice began to form everywhere as the temperature began to drop rapidly.

As the Titans looked on they saw Astralagi had become encased in rib like armor made of ice, heavy ice shoulder guards and a great Broad Sword. His arms and legs were encased in hard ice guantlets and grieves, and he had icicle spike protrding from his back. But the thing that caught their attention most, was the icy hem he wore, it had large teeth displaying a bestial smile and under that hemet, Astralagi's eyes.. had grown much colder.

Astralagi breathed out as he raised a hand to the fire creature an uttered but one word as his breath enveloped his sword...


And in an instant the beast of flame was flash frozen as if in time defying stasis.

"Dude that is so..." Beast Boy began.

"Don't even!" Raven yelled to BB across the battlefield stopping im from delivering his horrible pun.

Astralagi looked at the frozen enemy and coldy raised his blade.

"This, the blade that sheers Ice, had felled many a foe, now you to shall me a grimm and bitter end." Astralagi said as he launched himself at the beast. But just as he got within range the beast broke free of his icy prison and blocked the attack creating a tempest of heat and cold, blowing both enemies backwards and blowing the titans back.

"Blast!" Astralagi said in anger as he looked for his friends. "Guys are you all right?"

It was Cyborg who answered. "Yeah we're fine. A little dinged up but ok."

"Good, stand back, this is going to get messy." Astralagi, reassured, said raising his blade to the beast once more. Astralagi pierced the ground with his sword.

"Permafrost Pillar!" Astralagi roared as a small trail of icicles erupted out of the ground running straight for the fire beast. Suddenly several huge ice spikes erupted from the ground to impale the beast. Then came another volley in between the first, then another, and another, finaly a huge ice spire erupted from the glittereing structure impaleing the beast even higher. At this poit astralagi stood arms in the air.

"This is the end for you." Astralagi said coldy. As he did six ice lances pierced the body of the fire beast fusing together and making a radiant glittering star atop the spire.

"Whoa...." the titans said in unison.

"Now that's..." Beast boy was about to say, but he was smacked by Raven and cut off.

Across the battlefield a lone human with long spikey black hair chuckled.

"Fools, do you think that little ice cube can contain my creation. Efreet! Show the your TRUE POWER!" the human roared.

This caught the Titans attention.

"I thought you evacuated everyone!" Astralagi yelled.

"We did!" Beast Boy called back.

"Get him before he gets hurt!" Robin said as the Titans rushed for him. Astralagi watched as they got close. Suddenly a psionic blast coupled with purple energy waves knocked all of the Titans back unconscious.

"No, it can't be." Astralagi said horrified as he watched the smirking human.

Suddenly a shattering sound echoed through the city as the ice prison proved futile. Astralagi looked just in time to see a huge fiery fist heading straight for him.

It slammed into him with much force melting through his armor and sending him flying. As he fell, he thought...

" can this be...I...I'm not strong enough...why...why did I come friends...Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beastboy......Raven......NO I CANNOT DIE HEAR...I WILL END IT!"

Astralagi recovered in mid air and landed in a fit of rage. The enrgy he released in this state began to deteriorate the surroundings and the aura seemed to wake up the Titans. Astralagi put his broke sword ou t in front of him and waved his hand over it and it turned back into a halberd, destroying his armor to reveal his wounds.

"I will end this now, I will use the rest of my temperance to defeat you in one blow." Astralagi roared in anger.

These words caught the ears and heart of Raven who suddenly felt horribly worried.

The mass amounts of energy Astralagi released changed a blue color and it began to warp space. Then Astralagi called out.

"Come Titan of Seas, UMI!!!!" Astralagi called as the warped space became a portal. Water began to spill out of this portal then suddenly, a huge webbed hand grabbed the edge, followed by another that left the portal grabbing a nearbye building for support. Then a giant Serpentlike head left the portal entering Earth with a roaring hiss. The rest of the Beasts long snake-like body slithered out of the portal with relative ease, then the new Sea Serpent beast stood up, hit was almost twice the size of the fire creature.

"Lord Astralagi, you summoned me?" the beast said in an oddly human tongue.

The Titans sat in awe of giant beast as it looked down upon the fire creature.

"No way!" Beast Boy said.

"What is that thing!?" Cyborg yiped.

"It's Umi, one of the Titans Scale, the Elemental Serpent of all Water." Raven said amazed.

As the titans saw that Astralagi was risking his life to defeat this creature the titans concocted a plan to attack the human again, they weren't gonna be left out. They needed to help in any way they could.

"Umi, defeat that fire beast." Astralagi said exhausted.

Umi roared loud for all to hear. "Yes, Lord Astralagi, It is my pleasure to serve you." Umi said locking eyes with the fire creature.

The creature through a fiery punch at Umi, but it was caaught, then Umi grabben the beasts other arm and wrapped his serpent body around the creature.

The fire creature smirked and increased his temperature evaporating a good deal of Umi's body, but now it was Umis time to smirk. Suddenly his liquid body began to attract water from the atmosphere and he began to regenerate and expand.

As his watery body began to expand the fire creature began to get frantic, as it steadily increased it's body heat all it did was barely boil Umi's skin, no longer hot enough to deal with the mass amounts of water that mad up Umi's body.

Finaly the fire creature was encased in a thick water prison and a gurgling voice could be heard. It was Umi.

"All Fire requires two things to burn, air and fuel, in here you have neither, wich means the more you struggle, the faster you die."

It was true, as the fire creature frantically tried to escape the prison he used up all the air and as he did, his temperature began to drop, the water rushed in on him, and he drown.

"No!" the human said through gritted teeth.

"You shouldn't be looking over there." Cyborg said.

"Your enemy is right here." Starfire said as the group converged on the human.

"Tch, How unlucky." the human said, and then with a puff of purple smog, he vanished.

"What the?" Cyborg asked.

"Where'd he go?" Beast boy proclaimed coughing on the smog.

Umi returned to normal spittening out a few water logged coals. Then he turned to a severly exhausted Astralagi and bowed.

"It is good to see that you are still alive, the other titans will be in good spirits, hearing this news." Umi said.

"Thank you Umi. You may return now." Astralagi said gasping.

"As you command sire." Umi said sliding a talon along the air, as he did water flowed froma portal he had just made. Then he slithered through and left.

The titans walked over to Astralagi.

"We're sorry Astralagi, he got away." Starfire said.

"Don't worry, it is for the better, had he decided to, he could have destroyed me now, that only proves that he too, is not yet complete." with that being said Astralagi fell unconcious once more.

"Deja vu." Beast Boy said annoyed.

"You over-do it a bit too often." Robin said to Astralagi, though he was unconcious.

"Yeah, he does." Raven said staring at Astralagi, who was now being carried by Cyborg.

The moment lasted for a few seconds before it was broken, believe it or not by Cyborg.

"Will someone explain to me why ev'ry time this guy "over-does it" I always end up being the one who carries him home."

Back at the Tower (again)

Astralagi had severly overdone it, when he woke up he was in a metal lined room with several wires hooked up to him. He looked around and saw that the wires were conected to a large machine and then to a monitor with several colorful wavy lines. All around him things beeped and hummed.

"Where am I now?" Astralagi wondered.

"Your in the infirmery, in Titans Tower." said a voice seemingly from nowhere, this startled Astralagi abit seeing as he saaw noone around him, but quickly he recognized the voice. It was Ravens, and she was using telepathy. Astralagi calmed his mind and entered a meditation like stance.

Lights swirled as he retracted into his mind. There he found the blissful fields of green and the meadows found on Meridian. It was as if he was back home. Then he saw Raven.

"What is this place?" Raven asked looking at the bright land around her.

"One moment, I will show you." Astralagi said turning around and waving his hand. As he did lush green forests grew and crystal clear oceacs spread out over the planet as it's view widened, finaly great majestic mountains rose in the distance and strage flying furry creatures fluttered about. "This, Raven, is a memory, a memory of my world, this is Meridian."

Raven stood in awe of the world she saw. It was magnificent. Clean, peaceful...

"It's beautiful." Raven said without thinking.

"I know. I made it so." Astralagi said waving his arms and creating a field of flowers. He and Raven began then to walk through the plains.

"There is no war, no poverty, no technology, no discrimination, everything on this planet lives in a perfect harmonious balance." The many Berries and Fruit that grow here feed the many animals and peoples of this world, the animals are then eaten by predators and peoples alike, but predators for the most part leave the races of this world alone." Astralagi explained.

Raven thought for a moment.

"When you say races, what do you mean?" She asked. "You mean like, more than one?"

"Yes," Astralagi said as he began. "The first race are these." he said waving his hand and suddenly they were on the tallest mountain observing great serpent like flying creatures.

The majestic feathered beasts flew through the sky with ease.

"These are Rextukuuza Quatl. They are the guardians of this world, they are the most powerful beings on the planet, they are very smart, but very rare." Astralagi said.

Raven marveled at the huge beings, one of which touched down near them. Raven went to touch it, but her hand passed right through it.

"Remember, it's just a memory." Astralagi laughed with a warm smile.

Raven blushed at this but suddenly she looked up and they were in a great valley, between many mountains.

Reptilian beings about seven feet tall walked through the valley, into huts and caves, this must have been their home.

"These are Kratauan, beings decended from the Quatl, they are peacful, and rarely venture from the religious safety of the valleys."

Raven looked on and saw they were very peacful, and very intelligent.

"They possess diluted powers that they inherited from the Quatl, they are spell shapers and shamans." Astralagi said.

One walked over to Raven and Astralagi, it stood tall over the two but walked right through them.

Suddenly they were on a rocky island, horrible creatures and fierce predators roamed the crags as the two walked on. Raven looked at Astralagi for some kind of comfort for some reason but found his eyes to be cold and worried.

"This Island alone is the pockmark of my world. Burned and scorched, scarred with battles. Horrendous creatures live below. This is Dabron, home to the infamous Tartarus prison." Astralagi said. "It is here all the darkness of my universe is sealed, and it is from here that Miasma gained his great powers."

"Why did you bring me here?" Raven asked.

"You wanted to see the races of this world, there is still one more." Astralagi said waving his hand, as he did a giant boulder moved aside, there beyond settled in a crevice was a small village. The village was full of reptilian beings, they were very big and bulky looking, obviously very strong.

"These are the Dabronians. They look gruff, but are very peaceful, despite the fact that they are very stubborn. They act as guards to the prison, but several have spread beyond this land. They have decended from Forest Dragons, a species of reptilian predator found in the Kalle Demos forest." Astralagi said as he waved his hand, suddenly the two were in the forest surrounded by magificent animal sounds.

Astralagi waved his hand again, and several images of animals began to swarm around Raven and him.

"Behold, every animal on this planet. Each unique in it's own way."

Raven saw each image as they passed before her so quickly, some were ugly and scary, others were beautiful and magestic. She didn't know what to think. Finaly all the images died down and she returned to looking at Astralagi.

Astralagi knelt down to the ground, as he did he russled through the grass finaly picking up a small white creature. It was roughly a foot tall, it had two long earlike arms and a small bobble like protrusion on it's head. It was snow white and very soft. Even to Raven it seemed...cute.

"This is a Powie, they are very quite peaceful creatures, but when scared they inflate by sucking in air, they can grow to be three times their size this way." Astralagi explained poking the creature.

"Po..." it said expanding wildly, but it's bloated form was amusing and Raven laughed a bit.

The Powie soon realized it wasn't in danger and deflated allowing Astralagi to finish speaking.

"They are very loving and caring, they make great pets and good gifts." Astralagi said handing the Powie to Raven.

Raven didn't know what to say. The Powie looked up at her with a smile, then hopped out of her amrs and back into the meadow.

Astralagi laughed, though Raven seemd a little sad, though she tried not to show it.

"Consider yourself lucky. You are the only human, ever to set foot on my world." Astralgi said giving Raven a hug.

Raven blushed but suddnely the world she stood in and all it's beauty vanished. The mental connection had been broken.

Raven sat on her bed thinking about Meridian, and all it's beauty, she also thought about Astralagi. But the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to see it again, not just to see it, but to feel it. It was utopia by human standards. But wy did she feel this way, this was odd for her, she'd never cared about anything...or anyone quite like this before. What was going on?

Astralagi woke with a start to see Starfire and Beast boy shaking him.

"C'mon dude wake up." Beast Boy whispered.

"Yeas please, we wish to speak to you." Starfire said in a hushed voice.

Before he could speak, Astralagi was abducted from his bed and carried out of the room.

He was put down in a darkenned room filled with candle light and incense. Two robed figures stood in the center of the room. Without even wondering Astralagi went to speak.

"Shhhhh!" Cyborg said from under his robe.

"What do you want with me that it was so important you needed to abduct my from my sleep." Astralagi said a bit annoyed.

Robin, under the other cloak flung a lagrge blanket of of a table. Beneath it lay dozens of kinds of foods, and presents.

"What's all this for?" Astralagi asked.

Robin began to explain. But Astralagi, annoyed with the darkness turned on the lights.

"..........." All four of the titans yelled silently as they flew out of there robes to shut off the lights.

"Listen Astralagi. Last year on Raven's Birthday she was used as a portal for her father to come to this world and take it over." Robin explained seriously.

"Yes, I'm familiar with Trigon. A loathsome being he is." Astralagi said sitting down.

"Well, it's been almost a year since then and well, y'know we just want Raven to have a nice birthday, without al the evil." Cyborg said.

"We've been running around for the bast few weeks trying to plan a surprise party for her." Beast boy said.

"We would like to know, if... you would like to help us." Starfire said quietly.

Astralagi sat for a while thinking, or making it look like he was thinking, because all the titans leaned in for his answer. finaly with a smirk Astralagi said...

"Alright." Astralagi said.

The titans silently laughed with glee as they prepared the party that was just a few days away. Little did they know that a dark force watched them from afar.

"Those fools. Why would he align himself with such morons, they should be training to take me on. It isn't any fun if they all go down in one blow." said Miasma, "But that would make my hostile takeover plan so much easier. I still can't believe the destroyed all of my minions, it is such a pity."

Miasma looked up at the moon.

"Ah the moon is waning, it is almost time for my final strike." he said as he lept into the air from a run down shack hideout in the woods far from the city.

Miasma took flight with huge dark wings and flew over the city as he had done every night. As he did suddenly dark purple strands of energy began to leave buildings and fly toward him.

"Ahh, such negative emotions, the Earth hasn't changed a bit. whether it is past present or future, evil is always the victor."

The Next Day

Astralagi woke with a start to a knocking on the infirmery door. When he opened it he was surprised to see Raven standing there.

"Good morning Raven." He said a bit confused.

"Come on, we want to give you something." Raven said quietly trying hard to conceal a blush. But then she heard it, her heart beating faster and faster, consuming her hearing until...

"Okay, lead the way." Astralagi said calmly, as he followed Rave to the Living Room where everyone stood around talking.

Robin noticed their arrival and walked over to Astralagi. He took held out his hand and handed him a yellow circular device emblazoned with the letter "T".

"Congratulations Astralagi, you are now an Honorary Teen Titan." Robin said with a smirk.

The others cheered with the exeption of Raven who was silent as ever, trying to conceal her overwhelming joy. it didn't work so well because part of her powers burst a light bulb on the far side of the room. She looked around and saw noone had noticed. "phew" she thought.

The cheering died down as Astralagi looked, perplexed at the odd object in his hand. Never had he seen such a device. He shook it a bit to see what would happen. Nothing. The Titans stared at him like he was crazy.

"Astralagi, this is a T-communicator, if ever either of us is in trouble and in need of assisstance, you push this button, and we will be there." Robin tried to explain.

"Oh!" Astralagi said with a smile.

Everyone else laughed.

After a short party, Astralagi stepped away from the group and walked over to Raven.

"Raven, I need your help." He said getting straight to the point.

"With what?" Raven asked.

Astralagi grabbed her arm and led her away from the group and into a the hallway.

"Raven, I'm not strong enough. I can't defeat Miasma. I can barely muster the strength to defeat his minions. He is far too strong." Astralagi said shamefully.

"So, what do you want me to do about it?" Raven asked.

"I need you to teach me the magic of this realm. I need to know how to use the magic you do." Astralagi said suddenly. "My power is nearly limitless, but only in my universe, here my power is only a minor factor since this is a world not of my creation. I need to learn from you. Teach me." Astralagi said kneeling to Raven.

"Astralagi, what are you doing, you are a God in your world, and now your kneeling to me." Raven said surprised.

"I will swallow my pride a thousand times over if it meant defeating Miasma. He has caused to much strife in my universe, and is willing to do the same in yours, I couldn't bare to see my new friends in such danger." Astralagi said face down in the carpet.

Raven thought for a moment. The sight of Astralagi kneeling before her was somehow...enticing. She felt he face turn red. She turned so he wouldn't notice. Then she thought, if she trained him she would be able to spend more time with him.

"Alright. I'll teach you." raven said, back still facing Astralagi.

Immediatly she was spun around and Astralagi was on one knee holding her hands. This made her blush even more.

"Thank you, Raven." Astralagi said seriously. "I am in your debt."

"Uh... okay don't mention it." Raven stuttered.

It wasn't long before both of them were on the roof of Titans tower both in meditation.

"It's not easy to explain, but my power comes from my father. It won't be easy for you to learn." Raven said.

"Yes, your father, Trigon. How devasaining was his power. I must learn though if I am to defeat this evil." Astralagi said calmly.

"Very well, my power comes from channeling magic centuries old, that which came from my father himself, it is my emotions that release them. Thusly one must be completely in emotional balance to fully control them." Raven said channeling her powers.

Astralagi stood amazed as the black enrgy radiated from her.

"This power cannot be simply learned, it must be... passed on." Raven said trying to retain a blush.

Astralagi again remained silent. He seemd willing to do just about anything to furhter his cause.

"Very well," Raven said a bit dissappointed, "Are you ready?"

"Yes." Astralagi said dutifully.

"Then let's begin." Raven said shooting out a few bolts of her magic into Astralagi. He reacted like he was being stabbed as the power flowed into him.

"hurk!" Astralagi said.

Then to Ravens surprise a globle=like field erupted from around Astralagi's body, his green energy swirling and fusing with her black energy. Then then Astralagi whipped his head bacvk and black beams of light and energy erupted from his eyes then his mouth. His body then began to glow in multipul colors that erupted in streams and swirled around his body with the green and black energy. At the climax there was a bright flash and Astralagi found himself lost in an odd twisted version of his universe. It looked kind of like his world but the sky was black and red and there were chunks of land floating everywhere.

His eyes glowed bright and he looked into the past and saw Trigon and Raven and those who came before, and he looked at the world the titans had saved from destruction. He then saw his past and two seperate futures one in which he could not defeat Miasma which was riddled with black fire, and one in which all returned to normal. He stared at the universe in which he stood. The horrid combination of his world and Ravens mind and understood.

Outside ravenb had to shield her eyes from the flash of energy.

"Astralagi!" she called in horror fearing he had been swallowed up by his own power.

Then the flash died down and Astralagi emerged wearing an Amythest version of his normal robes.

"I understand your power Raven. It is dark and destructive, and hard to control. You control entropy. An element I have never encountered until now. But I see now that it far exceeds the powers of anything I have ever seen. Raven, you control a force that doesn't exist in my universe. My universe was created from order, the power you control is just a s great as mine, you control... chaos itself." Astralagi said.

"What are you saying?" Isn't chaos evil?" Raven asked a bit perplexed.

"I wouldn't know. The two conflicting forces of this universe are different than they are from mine. Entropy dosn't exist in my universe. Mine is ruled by fate and Infinity."

"So..." Raven said trying to make sense of it all, not getting far.

"Your father was the embodiement of chaos so as a result he passed the power on to you. You can control it only through your meditation. I suppose it is because of it's great power."

Raven stared at Astralagi.

"I have absorbed your power an now can freely manipulate entropy though I am not as good at it as you are just yet. Thank you for helping me, but I am not yet strong enough, please train me on how to use this power as you do." Astralagi said kneeling again.

Raven looked at Astralagi and stood up.

She held out a hand and black energy swirled into a ball in it. Astralagi stood and did the same but his green energy fused with the black causing the ball to explode.

"You still have much to learn, and I have much to teach you." Raven said then she laughed Astralagi laughed as well.

With that the two went back to meditating... as they did however they did not realize how much time began to pass as it changed from day to night, and as it did the crimson eyes of Miasma glared at them from the shadows once more.

"How formiddable a spell Astralagi, but you will not have the time to learn it. My power is almost completely restored, and you will finally fall." Miasma monologued as the shadowy energy fueled his body once more, as it did he began to evolve growing slightly larger and sprouting several spines. As he felt a surge in strength he raised his had and seeral dark balls flew from it. When they landed green goblin like zombies emerged, they bore a striking resemblence to Miasma himself.

"Such power, Yes I can feel it, is this the power you wish to use against me. Chaos eh? heheheh...Who knew such a power existed." Miasma said as he began to assimilate the powers of Astralagi and Raven. "Too bad that it seems to be making me stronger as well." He finished as his new minions began to crowd around him.

One looked up at the moon and spoke to him in a gurgling voice.

"24 hours until ragnarok master."

"Yes, I know." Miasma said evily.

The Day of Ragnarok

Raven and Astralagi trained and meditated all night, come morning Raven stood before him.

"Show me." she said.

Astralagi complied by forming a ball of black energy mixed with his green temperance, it exploded into the shape of a brilliant green crane.

"Very good, you seem to have a good handle on it." Raven said with a smile.

"Thank you Raven. I am honored to have learned from such a spellshaper as yourself." Astralagi said bowing.

The two then walked over to the door leading back down into the titans tower, Raven leading. She stopped short and turned towards Astralagi.

"You know, it's my birthday tomorrow." Shee said blushing a little.

Astralagi stood a bit taken aback. He remembered the work the other Titans had put into the party and tried to act surprised. But still he was unsure of something.

"What is a "Birthday"?" Astralagi asked a bit confused.

Raven seemed a bit confused aswell, especially considering that Astralagi had no clue what a birthday was.

"A birthday commemerates yopur day of birth. Everyone has one once a year on that day. Last year mine was horrible, an evil megalomaniac called slade brought a horrid message from my father about the end of the world, and my part in it." Raven said.

Astralagi sensed her sadness and went to confort her.

"But your father has since been defeated, he is no more a threat to you. There is no reason the celebration of your birth should be a meloncholie one. Rejoice, for at least you were born. Had you not been I would not have met you." Astralagi said smiling.

Raven blushed hearing this and gave Astralagi a hug. Astralagi not knowing the gesture gave her a hug back.

"I'm just glad earth will be safe thus time." Raven said breaking away looking up at the sky. As she looked at the clouds she wondered how long she would be emotional over Astralagi. Astralagi on the otherhand began to sense something that felt a lot like dread. Something big was coming. He could feel it.

As the two went down into the tower a large shape flew over the tower and landed in the city. The shape raised its hands and spewed forth a large number of horrific creatures. Their leader stood tall, his body enveloped in black energy and his skin tinged a hideous green.

"Attack, destroy, go my minions, cause chaos, let the end begin. Mwahahahahaha!" Miasma roared as his goblins swarmed Jump city.

As Astralagi and Raven returned to the Living room they were met with the warning siren as the room was bathed in red light. Cyborg rushed in and greeted them frantically.

"Where'd you guys go, theres a swarm of freaky goblin things attackin' the city!" Cyborg said frantically. "Hurry up they're destroying everything!"

"Goblins?" Astralagi asked.

"Uh, Astralagi... look." Raven said pointing to the screen.

Astralagi stared up at the screen in horror, he saw hundreds of Miasma like creatures attacking and estroying and leading them all was Miasma himself.

"No, it can't be. He's here."