Teen Titans (2012)
Teen Titans 2012
Series Information
Created by Rassilon of Old
No. of Seasons 1 (in production)
No. of Episodes 22 (planned)
Status Production

Teen Titans (2012) is the revival of the 2003 television series Teen Titans, and compromises its' sixth season and beyond. The series follows the adventures of the Teen Titans, the teenaged superhero team consisting of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg.


Production began in January 2012 after series creator Rassilon of Old wanted to create a series with the tone of Greg Weisman's Young Justice animated series, but with the characters from Teen Titans. The series would come to be a revival of the 2005 anime-styled television show, and a continuation of the original series.


Main cast/characters

Teen Titans

  • Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson (Scott Menville): The former protégé of the legendary Dark Knight, Robin is the current leader of the Teen Titans. In the past three years, Robin has lead the Teen Titans through good and bad, and has grown immensely proud of their success. It is in the sixth series that Robin is tested as both a hero and as a leader.

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