Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki

Welcome to the Common Series Project! This project is all about working with the Teen Titans Fan Fiction Community to write singular episodes for a series!

Rules and Guidlines

Okay so this is all about fun, so we are not going to be so restrictive as to what you can actually do, but we need some sort of order!

  • To be apart of the Common Series Project, send a message to the Head Writer of the series you would like to be apart of.
  • The episodes can be single-parters, two-parters, or even three-parters (when requesting to join a Common Series Project be very clear how long your episode is).
  • There are 12 episodes in each series, and yes, you can write more than one episode as long as the Head Writer approves.
  • Obey the standard TTFF Rules, no swearing, profanity, or explicit material in episodes.
  • The episodes must be based around the original Teen Titans (you can use your own characters, but the Teen Titans must be included also).
  • And make sure the characters you are using are available to use (we don't want Doctor Light die in one episode, then appear in the next!).
  • Head Writers are nominated and voted for at the end of each series. You can nominate yourself.
  • We do not start a new series until the current series is completed.
  • To discuss the Common Series Project, use the forums.
  • The Head Writer of the series controls what episodes are in the series, and when they air. They also write the first episode and the season finale (exceptions can be made, contact Will94).

Common Series 1

  • Head Writer - Will94
  • Writers - (Contact Will94 to join the project)
  • Story Arc - yet to be decided