The Nightmare
Jason(Common Form)
Vital statistics
Real Name Jason Manton
Aliases Your Nightmare
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Evil
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Place of Origin Coast City
Residence Coast City
Relatives Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies All Teen Titans
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Powers & Abilities
Powers Somewhat Mind-Controlled Shapeshifting, Roleplaying, Unlimited Supply of Weapons
Weaknesses Shrimps (Allergic)
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The Nightmare (Jason) is a former H.I.V.E. student. He is a recurring enemy to the Titans Northeast, but not a main villain.


The Nightmare (Jason) appears to not have any original form. Every time seen, he has taken the form of something or someone. His most common form is of a dark-haired guy with a white mask on his face. His most common form has been proven to not be his original one, as he comments that he misses his first form.


The Nightmare's personality is absolutely unknown. Every moment he is seen, he is dressed up as his new role and therefor acts like it. One thing is that he hates to be interupted in his work and does anything to get the problem out of the way and resume what he was doing.


The Nightmare's life is unknown. He joined H.I.V.E. before it was destroyed. His only powers were scaring so he was never seen a good example of how H.I.V.E. was. During a session where he was sent to scare a victim they had captured, he scared her, but when a boy was sent in to him to bring him out, he went nuts on him and gave him psycological fear of everything as well as sending him out of the room with scars all over his body. H.I.V.E. now knew how good he really was.

After H.I.V.E. was destroyed, he seeked an abandoned amusement park as his hideout. As everything there is more scary, rather than funny, it is to his advantage.

Powers, Abilities & Weapons

Somewhat Mind-Controlled Shapeshifting: His only real power is shapeshifting. It's somewhat mind-controlled, not by Jason himself, but rather of his victims, who thinks of their worst nightmare. If Jason's victims isn't imagining their nightmare, Jason will somehow dig through their minds to find it and change into it.

Roleplay: After only spying/watching a person for a couple of minutes, he can act just like him/her. The is almost no difference, except for his allergy for shrimps.

Weapons: He has an unlimited supply of weapons to his work. Whoever his role is, he already has the weapons to execute it.


  • Originally, I planned him to be a violent, mentally disordered guy, but dropped it after seeing how stupid it was
  • I took "Jason" from the Friday 13th movies