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The Pharaoh
Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases none
Gender Male
Species Mummified Human
Status Technically Dead
Alignment Evil
Likes Snakes, Ra, Archery, Undead powers
Dislikes Mummification
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Coast City
Relatives Unknown
Allies Ra, Anubis, Egyptian Demons, Mummies
Enemies Titans Northeast
Affiliations none
Powers & Abilities
Powers Hypnotize, Mummyfy
Weaknesses Fire (He's made of bandage), Water (Same reason), Cats
Equipment Egyptian Bow and Arrows, Bandages, Ankh
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

The Pharaoh is an enemy to the Titans Northeast. His motive for evil is presumed to be that he simply likes evil.


The Pharaoh sees himself as the to-be-coming world emperor and is gathering his army to conquer the world. He does not speak much and when he does, he says that the old egyptian gods are with him on his mission.


The Pharaoh once waked up from his sleep in a museum in Coast City and gained his powers somehow. He secretly started sneaking around in Coast City and hypnotize people to follow him. He mummified them and made them his mummy army. He did this for a whole year without anyone noticing. However, he tried to hypnotize Max Cooper and the Titans Northeast noticed his actions. They set out to find him and defeat him. They barely defeated him because they were three against an army of over a hundred. The Pharaoh lost and was imprisoned in his chest, until an unknown person set him free.

Powers & Abilities

Mummyfie: The Pharaoh can send his own bandage out and wrap his victim in it. His victim will then be mummyfied and can barely move at all, only walk. If The Pharaoh removes the bandage from his victim, he/she will crumble to dust. If someone else removed the bandage, the victim's set free, but it's really hard to do.

Hypnotize: If anyone stares into his eye, he/she will be hypnotized until The Pharaoh releases him/her, or The Pharaoh is defeated. If The Pharaoh whispers into one's ear, he/she will also be hypnotized and will obey his every command.


  • He is not really a pharaoh, but I'm not sure what he is