"So your the 3 Hernando kids. Behold my Mind Control. After all these years you will obey me!(to Agent Daiyamo and his siblings) "
— -The Terror Teacher

The Terror Teacher
Vital statistics
Real Name Alisa Gurano
Aliases The Teacher, Mrs. G., The Terror Empress
Gender Female
Species Human (Asian)
Status Alive
Alignment Evil
Likes World Domination, Sarcasm
Dislikes Losing, Her mind control being negated, Gizmo
Place of Origin Philippines
Residence Manila, Philippines
Relatives Unknown
Allies Brother Blood, H.I.V.E. Academy, H.I.V.E. Five
Enemies Titans of the Orient(especially Agent Daiyamo, Ultra Lord and Elementine), Teen Titans
Affiliations H.I.V.E. Academy, Republic of the Philippines(switched nationality and back to Filipino again), Empire of Terror(before it's destruction)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Advance Mind Control
Weaknesses Anti Mind Control Device, Heroes on disguise
Equipment The "Stick" (energy manipulating device)
First Appearance "Titans of the Orient: The Formation"(Cameo Appearance)

"Jinxed"(As Herself)


She has short black hair and often wears a creepy evil smile. She wears a suit with a logo of the Evil Pentagon on it.


She is very sarcastic, strict and wants to humiliate people. She "praises" her enemies for their failure. She posseses great hatred to the Titans of the Orient Pearl for unknown reasons. She is friends with Brother Blood


Reformation of the H.I.V.E. Academy

She reformed the H.I.V.E prior to the H.I.V.E. Five's ilfiltration of WHOOP. She becme the headmistress of a reformed H.I.V.E and revived Brother Blood. Together they train new super villains and put them under her mind control. The original Headmistress of the Hive which appeared in the "Final Exam" tried to reclaim her academy but the teacher defeated her and her army.

Unfreezing of the Brotherhood of Evil

She unfroze the whole Brotherhood of Evil and put them under her mental control except for the Brain their leader. whose mind is too strong to be controlled. She fought the Brotherhood's leader and smashed him and refroze him again and she became the new leader of the Brotherhood. She then makes a plan to destroy all Titans from around the world.


Advance Mind Control- She can mind control anyone at will. This skill does not limit to humans. He can control animals, aliens and even robots. She is rumored that she has the capability to mind control a whole batallion of soldiers.

The "Stick"

She has a very powerful energy channelig scepter which she simply calls it the.