Titans Australia (Series)
Titans Australia
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Created by Will94
No. of Seasons 3
No. of Episodes 23
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Titans Australia is the series following the crime fighting adventures of the teenaged superhero team known as Titans Australia.

Main Characters

Titans Australia

  • Arrowette (Suzanne 'Cissie' King-Jones)

The leader of Titans Australia, Arrowette is a strong, and capable fighter. She is the most courageous, and bravest of the five and strikes fear into the hearts of the most evil villains. For Cissy, as she is known by her friends, crime-fighting comes first always, even if this means letting a friend down. As the series progresses, she becomes less obsessive with her enemies, and starts to relate with her fellow team mates more.

  • Vox (Jason Tophuro)

The secondary leader of Titans Australia and the primary love interest of Arrowette, Vox knows how to handle a risky situation. Vox was not even a teen when his father, Carlson Skaro brutally murdered his mother. Vox was forced on the run as his father's henchmen constantly followed him. Because of his violent and traumatic childhood, Vox delevoped multiple personalities. One of these personalities would emerge and transform Vox into a demonic form of himself. Because of this constant danger of his other personality, he had to control his emotions and became very bleak.

  • Aero (Chris Gallagn)

Born in New Zealand, Aero was raised by his loving parents, and began a life of crime-fighting after he discovered his powers in a high jump contest. While crime-fighting he gained theattention of a fellow hero, Argent, and the two became close. Aero can be found in Titans Australia Tower cracking jokes or cheering up his team mates.

  • Risk (Cody Driscoll)

With powers such as superhuman strength and hyper reflexes, Risk is an opponent you do not want to meet. Risk found a best friend in Aero and the two make Vox annoyed quite easily with their lay back attitudes, although Risk is the more sensible of the two.

  • Impulse (Iris West)

Born to the famous Wally West (The Flash), Impulse grew up with parents supportive of her powers. She became an Honarary Titan after meeting with Aqualad and Robin in a meeting with her father. She also develops a blatantly obvious crush on Aero, which slowly transforms into love. Impulse also makes a rivalry with Argent, who also has romantic feelings for Aero. She is the most social character in the group, having a close relationship with Aero, Risk and Argent, often meditating with Vox and having 'girl time' with Arrowette.

  • Argent (Antonia Louise 'Toni' Monetti)

Argent was born in Britain, before moving with her loving parents to New Zealand, where she met Aero. The two became close, and both had a crush on the other. When Titans Australia was formed, she declined the offer to join and went back to New Zealand. She soon realised it was unbearable being away from Aero, and she soon travelled back ton Australia and joined Titans Australia. She became rivals with Impulse, and the two often fought for Aero's attention. She soon realised that she had no place in Aero's heart, and quit the Titans. She visits regularly and makes many appearences in the series.


  • Nelson Incendous

Founder of Sydney's criminal undeground group, Incendous, Nelson Incendous is smart, cunning and feared. He set up a trap for Robin and the Teen Titans, only to discover that Robin had sent Arrowette and Echo Team to take him down. After Echo Team foiled his trap, he escaped. He was then captured by Arrowette and the newly formed Titans Australia. Nelson now remains in his prison cell with other captured enemies of Titans Australia.

  • The Blue Spirit

The mysterious Blue Spirit roams the city streets among the shadows, stealing for his own personal gain. The only thing he loves more than winning is himself. To this day, the Titans have only ever defeated the Blue Spirit once, and this was a part of his plan to wipe out the entire Meta-Human race. He later gains Magick abilities which makes him harder to defeat than ever.

  • Ravager (Doctor X)

The mysterious Ravager, or Doctor X has been plotting against Titans Australia for some time now. Never actually fighting himself, he sends hired criminals to do his bidding. Later revealing himself to be Arrowette's former master. He is smart, cunning, clever and an excellent martial artist.

  • Carlson Skaro

Vox's disowned father, Carlson is a Greek crime lord of Gotham City. Marrying his Greek wife, Catherine, they have a child together. When Jason was born, Catherine attempts to convince Carlson to stop his life as a crime lord, and focus on raising a family. Carlson didn't like this, and he started assualting his wife. Catherine stayed with Carlson not out of fear, but to protect Jason. Carlson eventually murdered his wife, and Jason being the only witness to the murder, ran away from home, taking the alias Vox. Carlson is now trying to locate his son, and kill him.

Supporting Characters

Teen Titans

  • Robin (Dick Grayson)
  • Cyborg (Victor Stone)
  • Starfire (Koriand'r)
  • Beast Boy (Garfield Logan)
  • Raven (Raven Roth)

Honorary Titans

  • Coral (Letticia 'Letty' Korel)
  • Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark)

Justice League

  • Superman (Kal-El)
  • Wonder Woman (Diana of Themiscira)
  • Batman (Bruce Wayne)
  • Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz)
  • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
  • Flash (Wallace 'Wally' West
  • Aquaman (Orin)
  • Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
  • Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance)
  • Red Tornado (John Smith)
  • Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)
  • Plastic Man (Patrick O'Brian)
  • Zatanna (Zatanna Zatara)

Helix Elite

  • Gemini (Gemini De'Mille)
  • Xandu (Catherine Faldshore)
  • Captain Boomerang (Owen Mercer)
  • Firebrand (Andre Twist)
  • Dharma (Lilith Clay)
  • Killer Wasp (Chris Crawford)

Terror Titans

  • Black Arrow (Suzanne King-Jones
  • Hurricane (Chris Gallagn)
  • Dreadbolt (Terrence Bolatinsky)
  • Martian Mankiller (M'gann M'orzz)
  • Drussila (Cassandra Sandsmark)
  • Slipstream (Jai West)

Crime Syndicate

  • Ultraman (Clark Kent)
  • Superwoman (Lois Lane)
  • Owlman (Thomas Wayne, Jr.)
  • Power Ring (Joseph Harrolds)
  • Olympia (Diana Prince)
  • Scream Queen (Dinah Laurel Lance)
  • Dead Eye (Oliver King)

Other Villains

  • Bomb Boyage (Vivian De'Roie)
  • Moscow Traveling Circus
  • Alonzo Dulak
  • Chain Lightning (Penelope Sanders)
  • Poison Oak (Gerald Fleet)
  • Epsilon
  • Hades (God of the Underworld)
  • Ares (God of War)

Series Synopsis

Season 1: Heroes

The story of Season 1 follows the formation of Echo Team and later Titans Australia and their struggle to work together as a team to protect the streets of Sydney City from various villains such as the Incendous Drones, Bomb-Voyage and the Supervillian team, Helix Elite. The climax between Titans Australia and Helix Elite is shown in the season finale, A Clear and Present Danger.



101 Echo Team: Part 1 5 Honarary Titans arrive in Australia to fight the forces of evil. Arrowette, the archer prodegy, Vox, the beast within, Aero, the gravity defying boy wonder, Risk, the super strong superhuman, and Impulse, the fastest girl to ever live. But before they can save the world, they have to learn to get along.
102 Echo Team: Part 2 Differences put aside, the newly formed Echo Team have been given orders to infiltrate a robot factory. Now that they have learned to get along, they have to learn to work together.
103 Bank Robbers, Theifs and Villains, Oh My! Titans Australia has been established, and their missions are rolling in by the minute. But do superheroes ever get a break?
104 March of the Drones The old Incendous Drones return to fight the Titans, but who is behind the attacks, giving the orders?
105 Not Fast too Furious A new enemie by the name of Alonzo Dulak is wreaking havoc with the incredibly fast Dulak Cycle in the city streets, and Risk is having trouble keeping up in the chases, so to help him along he builds the Riskmobile! But Arrowette isn't too happy about having a potentially dangerous vehicle on the streets.
106 Obsession Arrowette becomes obbsessed with finding the mysterious man behind the return of the Incendous Drones. She spends sleepless nights pouring through government files for a suspect. When she stumbles across information that leads her to believe the medical firm, Helix Co. are behind the attacks, she gets herself into trouble with the law.
107 Bed Ridden With Arrowette in bed sick, the Titans have to elect a secondary leader of the Titans Australia. Impulse, Aero and Risk fight over the title while trying to bribe Arrowette to pick them with all sorts of things to make her better.
108 Blackmail Arrowette is back on her feet and continues the investigation, but as she learns more about Helix Co., she realises that she is being watched, and the blacmail begins.
109 Brush with the Law Ignoring the Commisioner's orders, the Titans continue their investigation into Helix Co. and the drones pouring into the city streets daily. The new Supervillian team continues to attack the Titans, who decide to strike a Helix Co. Factory, but what is waiting for them inside?
110 Unprepared The Titans are seperated from each other and they have to find their own way of taking down the mysterious Doctor X, and the Helix Elite team of supervillains.
111 A Clear and Present Danger

The Titans are reunited and have a plan to stop Doctor X from brainwashing the Prime Minister, but first they have to defeat the Helix Elite.

No. Title Summary
112 Titans Australia: The Christmas Capers It's Christmas Eve and all the Titans have bought presents for each other, all except Aero, who has forgotten. In a last minute dash to buy the presents, Aero visits a shopping mall, where he claims to have been attacked by a man in a Santa suit. Who is the mysterious Christmas Caper?

Season 2: The End of Heroes

Season 2 follows the story arc of the mysterious Blue Spirit who easily defeats the Titans without laying a hand on them, and establishes the relationship between Aero and Impulse. The story arc, 'The End of Heroes' will continue into the next season.

No. Title Overview
201 Where Art Though Aero?

For Aero, the return of an old friend also brings the return of an old enemie. Argent is back in town to see Aero and Impulse is jealous of their closeness. Is there a love triangle on the horizon?

202 Untouchable The Titans are pursuing a mysterious villain that they can't even get close to. The same bandit strikes multiple times throughout the week but the Titans can't even lay a finger on him. Who is this mysterious theif?
203 Multiple Personality Crisis A mentally unstable patient has escaped from the local hospital, and Vox not only wants to find her, but he wants to help her.
204 Daymares Titans Australia Tower has been infiltrated by the Sandman, who poures through all of the memories of the Titans. The Titans only have a small amount of time until they are trapped in their dreams forever.
205 Friend and Foe The mysterious theif is back on the scene, and the Titans are hot on his trail. During the pursuit, Aero, Vox, Risk and Impulse are captured due to Arrowette's recklessness.
206 The Hunt Arrowette and Vox's minds are fixed on the unknown identity of the Blue Spirit. Meanwhile, Argent is back in Sydney and wants to join Titans Australia. Arrowette investigates the various technologies the Blue Spirit has stolen and discover's the Blue Spirit's master plan.
207 Pranks-alot The Titans are getting sick of Aero's endless pranks and awful jokes. Meanwhile, Babadi and Bibidi are back on the streets, but this time they have a reality bending friend.
208 The End of Heroes Part 1: The Trap The Titans set up a trap for the Blue Spirit, not to defeat him but to place a tracking device on him to find his base of operations. Unknowingly, the Titans walk into a trap of the Blue Spirit's doing.
209 The End of Heroes Part 2: The Heroes Trial Arrowette and Risk awaken to find themselves surrounded by humanoid, tree like monsters, Vox is subject to mental torture, and Aero has to make a choice between Argent and Impulse's lives.
210 The End of Heroes Part 3: The Sanity of Insanity The Titans are presumed dead, which gives them time to calculate a strategy for taking down the Blue Spirit, Doctor X and saving the entire Superhuman race
211 The End of Heroes Part 4: The Counter Attack Counter Attack. The plan is formulated, the Titans are in place, now all that remains is the signal to begin the final attack. Little do the Titans suspect there is a traitor among them.
212 The End of Heroes Part 5: Genecide Arrowette is finally placed face to face with the mysterious Doctor X, and the other Titans have to find a way to destroy the Genetic Eon Cannon and revert Argent from her current mental state. But is there enough time for the six heroes to save the world?

Season 3: Powerless

The Genetic Eon Cannon has been fired on a global scale, and Titans all around the world have been affected by the weapon's effect. Global communication systems are down and now the only hope for the world is a little girl who believes she can fly. Powerless digs into the private lives of the Titans, and brings across sides of them never seen before.

No. Title Overview
301 Powerless The Genetic Eon Cannon has taken the abilities of all Metahumans worldwide. The Blue Spirit pursues Titans Australia, while Arrowette tries to escape from Ravager.
302 Identity Crisis Aero, Argent, Impulse, Risk and Vox decide to split up, while Robin and the Teen Titans try to uncover the reason to the disappearance of their powers.
303 Crossroads Aero and Argent decide to return home, Vox wonders the streets alone, and Arrowette has to make the ultimate decision. Live, or hunt her friends. And Impulse is having a hard time trying to live without her powers.
304 Hunted Aero and Argent attempt to board a plane to New Zealand, when they are attacked by an unknown assailant. Robin tries to contact a higher power for help, and Vox runs into trouble in the form of a father.
305 Acceptance On the run from his father, Vox must go to extreme precautions to save himself, while Aero and Argent begin to understand, that there is nothing wrong with leading a normal life. Risk is hunted by the same villain that attacked Aero and Argent.
306 Trust and Blood Vox is injured by one of his father's henchmen, Risk is still being hunted by the mysterious attacker, and Robin's efforts to contact a higher power have been proved succesful, the Justice League, are on their way.
307 The Silver Lining Impulse makes an unlikely aliance, the Teen Titans arrive in Australia, and Aero discovers something that could possibly end Ravager's dominion, his sister can fly. And Vox discovers the horrible truth about Metahumans.
308 Peaceful Conflicts The Justice League arrive to help Risk, and the Teen Titans are tracking down Aero and Argent, who have a plan to undo the effect of the G.E.C. But Argent is reluctant to leave behind a life of peace, for a life of fighting.
309 Flee of the Justice League The mysterious hunter is revealed to be Arrowette, and she attacks Risk and the Justice League, with the help of the Blue Spirit. The powerless Justice League orders a retreat, with Green Arrow and Black Canary staying behind to help.
310 The Plan Aero, Argent, Risk, Black Canary, Green Arrow and the Teen Titans plan the attack on Ravager, and the reversal of the G.E.C. Meanwhile Arrowette reveals her true intentions to the Blue Spirit, and attempts to turn his allignment. Impulse and Gemeni make a close bond, and Vox steals guns from would-be murdurers, and plans to stop the revival of Metahumans at all costs.
311 Divided The assualt on Ravager's hideout has begun, and Risk, Aero and Argent confront the armed Vox, while Impulse and Gemeni are hunted by Arrowette and the Blue Spirit.
312 Reversal Arrowette gains the trust of the Blue Spirit, and together they confront Ravager, while the others use Aero's sister to reverse the effects of the Genetic Eon Cannon, at a great cost.
No. Title Summary
313 Titans Australia: Intergalactic Convict The New Years Eve fireworks turn into an exciting space dog fight when a White Martian, M'gann M'orzz comes crashing down to Earth. But who is to be trusted, the Martian, or the thug-ish Intergalactic Police? The situation becomes even more complicated when the Australian Government becomes involved.

Season 4: Recruitment

Season 4 deals with the growing roster of Titans Australia, and the growing amount of villains challenging them. While the Titans try to understand why the phrase "The Silver Bullet" constantly pops up around them. The season finale, sees Vox and his conflicts with his father revealed and Hades' echoing prophecy, "One will die" apears throughout the season.

No. Title Summary
401 Initiation It seems the reversal effect of the Genetic Eon Cannon not only restored powers, but manifested them in countless others. It's time for a new roster.
402 Psych-Out When a powerful psychic entity calling itself Epsilon takes over the mind of Wonder Girl, Titans Australia has no other choice than to ask Dharma for help.
403 Toxic Situation Poison Oak has infected Sydney's water supplies with a deadly toxin, and Titans Australia enlist the help of Coral to fix the problem.
404 Bombs Away Taking advantage of all the new supervillains in town, Bomb Boyage attemps to put together his own supervillain team to tackle the Titans.
405 Floats like a Butterfly... Two new villains, father and son, have begun their life of crime together, but are finding it hard to gain any villainous attention with all of the new criminals running about.
406 The Tartarus Mystery, Part 1: What a Wonder-full World While fighting mysterious monsters, two legendary heroines arrive to help the Titans. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl.
407 The Tartarus Mystery, Part 2: The Monsters Beneath Titans Australia face their greatest enemy yet, the Greek Underworld, and its ruler, Hades. But they are not alone.
408 Can I Borrow That? A high school student on the Northern Beaches of Sydney discovers his new powers, but what should be a happy thing turns into a nightmare as he begins the fight of his life. Who is trying to kill him?
409 Brothers and Sisters Impulse's brother, Jai West is in Sydney, and delivers a message from their father, who wants Impulse to return home. Meanwhile, Aero's sister, Gabrielle, is also visiting Titans Australia, and tells them she wants to help fight crime. But Aero is reluctant to let her join.
410 Justice for All Because of the recent expansion of Titans Australia, the Justice League believes that Titans Australia has well exceeded its limitations, and runs "try-outs" for the Honorary Titans to join the Justice League.
411 Death of a Titan, Part 1: Family Feud Vox's father is in town, and claims he has changed, but Vox refuses to believe him.
412 Death of a Titan, Part 2: The Silver Bullet Impulse allows Carlson to enter Titans Australia Tower, where he begins the assualt. Will Hades' prophecy become true, will one of the Titans die?
No. Title Summary
413 Titans Australia: Invasion of the White Martians M'gann M'orzz returns to Earth, where she finds Arrowette, Aero and Impulse packing up Titans Australia Tower. Greeting them with the news of a coming invasion, the three decide to help M'gann, but ignore her pleads to re-establish Titans Australia. With the Justice League already attempting to counter the attack, M'gann enlists the help of Enerjolt and Fluxus (Jai West) to protect Sydney from the invasion.

Season 5: Villains

Villains follows the rise of Helix Elite, and the new beginning of the new Titans Australia.

No. Title Summary
501 Disguise The new team has been formed, and the streets are safe again from criminals and evil-dooers alike, but Arrowette stilll has to deal with the loss of Vox. Meanwhile, Enerjolt is given an assignment in which he must infiltrate the Helix Elite base of operations to find out what they are up to.
502 filler
503 Ruthless When Detective Dawson finds the link between a series of seemingly random murders is that the victims are all Metahumans, she goes to the Titans for help. Arrowette helps the Detective to uncover the truth behind the murders, but there is sabotage.
504 A Shocking Discovery Still in disguise, Elle learns about Helix Elite's plan for the dommination of Sydney, but when she is caught relaying this information to Titans Australia, Gemeni makes other plans for the new hero.
505 filler
506 Ravaged The roster for Titans Australia is larger than ever, training facilities are prime, and the Titans are more coordinated than ever. But no one is ready when Ravager returns, and with a vengence.
507 On Assignment After the Justice League help clear Titans Australia Tower of Helix Elite, they take Arrowette, Miss Martian, Aero, Enerjolt and Fluxus on a mission to the Alps, leaving Elle in charge of Titans Australia.
508 Flash Freeze On assignment in the Alps by order of the Justice League, Arrowette, Miss Martian, Aero, Enerjolt and Fluxus are told they are to face a most formidable foe, a myth, a legend, Big Foot.
509 Ghost A welcome home party for Arrowette, Miss Martian, Aero, Enerjolt and Fluxus is cut short when Vox briefly reapears in Titans Australia Tower and speaks only a sentence,"World War Three is coming, you have six months."
510 The Battle for Sydney, Part 1: Setting the Board Titans Australia is on the brink of war, and they need soldiers. Splitting up to recruit more Titans, Titans Australia find that Helix Elite is one step ahead of them.
511 The Battle for Sydney, Part 2: Round 1 The lines are drawn, the players are divided, the battle for Sydney City, has begun.
512 The Battle for Sydney, Part 3: End Game The eastern part of the city is burning, and Arrowette needs to end the battle before the entire city is in ruins, but is it really just Helix Elite behind the battle, or is there a higher power pulling the strings?
No. Title Summary
513 Titans Australia: The Ongoing Knightmare In the hopes of discovering the identity and finding a way to defeat the Blue Spirit, Arrowette has remained in contact with Knightmare, unknown to the other Titans. In what seems another 'normal' secretive meeting of Knightmare and Arrowette on a Sydney Pier, a group of unknown persons ambush them and capture Knightmare. Arrowette decides to find and help Knightmare, and is caught up in an international scandal.

Season 6: Fugitives

No. Title Summary
601 Sceptisism After a lengthy battle with the new Helix Elite, Titans Australia discover a new Representative for Meta-Human Affairs has been elected, but the Titans sense some bitterness. In order to better their relationship with the new representative, the Titans disband the Honorary Titans.
602 The Round-Up Levett anounces his plan for the Meta-Humans, and the hunt begins.
603 Screaming in Space The Titans send a distress message to the Justice League, but when there is no reply, they realise that they're on their own.
604 Prisoners Some of the Meta-Humans in prison hatch an escape plan, Levett tries to rally other countries to his cause, and Coral finds an unlikely ally.
605 Titans Forever, Part 1
606 Titans Forever, Part 2
607 Titans Forever, Part 3
608 Cold Snap Coral and Xandu continue their run from the Government, while Elle, Enerjolt and Fluxus put together a plan to take down Levett. Meanwhile Arrowette begins the hunt for an ally.
609 Blood-Hounds The identity of Rebel is revealed, and Elle, Enerjolt and Fluxus interrogate Levett, with dire consiquences.
610 Better Halves Arrowette rallies together her army, while Levett readys his. Miss Martian disguises herself as a Government Official in order to expose Levett and the operation.
611 Season Finale, Part 1: Into Asylum
612 Season Finale, Part 2: Collaboration
No. Title Summary
613 Titans Australia: Clash of the Worlds When a look-a-like of Ravager turns up in Titans Australia Tower and claims to be from a parallel Earth. The Titans rebuild a damaged machine that allowed alternate Titans and captured villains to return to their own universe, using it to travel between dimensions in order to help defeat their polar opposites, the Terror Titans. But the situation gets complicates when the Titans learn that both worlds are coliding, which would result in the destruction of both Earths and the deaths of billions. Can Titans Australia defeat their greatest enemy yet?

Season 7: World War III

No. Title Summary
701 Mind Games While trying to capture Circe, Elle is struck down by the sorceress and falls unconcious. While the Titans continue the fight against Circe, Elle finds that she has been placed in a parallel world revolving around her decisions. It is here she meets a mysterious man, refusing to tell her his name, but tells her to give Arrowette a three word message, "The Silver Bullet".
702 Paradox The entire Justice League is dumbfounded at how Vox was able to travel from one parallel world to another. But one thing is certain, the entire universe is at risk.
703 Presidential Access While the Justice League travel to the Green Lantern Corps base to request for help, world leaders are endangered by Ravager's growing army, and it is up to the Teen Titans and Titans Australia to protect them.
704 The Proposal Attempting to uncover Ravager's plan, Elle meditates and pulls her mind back in time three weeks to follow his movements. All the questions are given answers, and the threat of existence is finaly uncovered.
705 World War III, Part 1 Ravager has declared war on the world, and Earth's protectors must act quickly. Lex Luthor is attacking Metropolis, Joker is burning Gotham to the ground, and Circe is laying siege to Themyscira, Slade has Jump City at it's knees, and Ravager launches an assualt on Sydney.
706 World War III, Part 2 The battle continues, and just when Earth thinks the enemy has been defeated, they are proved so horribly wrong.
707 plot essential
708 plot essential
709 Above and Below Titans Australia are called back to Sydney to fight off Helix Elite, who have begun laying siege to the city. All the while, the Earth rumbles and shakes, until a crack in time and space rips the sky in two.
710 Series Finale, Part 1:
711 Series Finale, Part 2:
712 Series Finale, Part 3: The End of the Universe

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