Titans Miami
Series Information
Created by Ghoul02
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 13
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Titans Miami is a new group of Titans, designed to fight corruption and evildoers in the Miami area. It was started in early 2010. The group is still recruiting it's final two members


Coming soon


  • Jinx - After her days as leader of the Hive Five, she was no longer satisfied as just an honorary Titan, and she wanted to be a leader again. After expressing her feelings to Robin, he agreed to give her her own group in Miami, and gave her time to recruit her new team.

Season 1

  1. Ep. 1; Go! Miami
  2. Ep. 2; The Fifth Member
  3. Ep. 3; Dagron
  4. Ep 4; Teacher
  5. Ep 5; Broken Glass
  6. Ep 6;
  7. Ep 7;
  8. Ep 8; Lady Luck
  9. Ep 9;
  10. Ep 10;
  11. Ep; 11;
  12. Ep 12; Vigilante pt. 1
  13. Ep 13; Vigilante pt. 2

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