Titans of the Sozen Arc

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The Sozen Arc

The Temple Grove the path to the Sozen Arc

The Titans of the Sozen Arc are Teen Titans involved in something called the Sozen Arc.

Sozen Arc

After Aria's trip to Earth, she and Raven created a mutual rift between the two dimmensions. The rift s meant to allow trusted beings from either side visit each other. The Arc is located above Titans tower and is currently cloaked. On Meridian the sozen Arc exists above the Temple Grounds. More than once evil forces have tried to gain acess to either side. As a result Astralagi and Kirilla formed the titans of the Sozen Arc to protect it.


Currently the Titans of the Sozen Arc are made up of gifted Eos. The groups five members are as follows:


The Titans of the Sozen Arc have many allies, a most of which are not Eos or human:

Major Enemies

Possible allies

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