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Vital statistics
Real Name Venus Leya Esper
Aliases Leya, Archer
Gender Female
Species Eos
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Solitude
Dislikes Noise
Place of Origin Earth, Meridian
Residence Meridian, Unnamed Dimmension
Relatives Unknown
Allies Aria, Link, Grove, Aron
Enemies Miasma, etc.
Affiliations Tians of the Sozen Arc
Powers & Abilities
Powers Impecable Markswoman. Enhanced Speed. Wind Based Temperance
Weaknesses Physically Weak, Long Range Fighter
Equipment bow and Arrows
First Appearance Yet to be revealed.

Appearance and Personality

Compared to the other members she is more heavily clothed. This however seems to have no hinderance on her speed. She is the quietest of the group. She prefers solitude but is quite effective in battle if required. She, like Grove, has a knack for being a mediator, though she rarely steps in unless it is extremely urgent or her friends bug her into it. She can come of as rather solemn or brooding, but is actually very happy she has friends to rely on. for some reason she dislike her name and prefers to be called Leya or Archer.


In addition to being a master marksmen she, like other Eos is gifted with temperance, though not as strong as some of her friends. She can manipulate the wind with her temperance though not on grand scales. She can infuse her temperance with her arrows to creat devastaing combos.